Thursday, July 24, 2008

i'm a blog slacker

Sorry I'm such a blog slacker, i really just have nothing interesting going on right now. I thought i would just give an update on where i stand in my treatment. I finally got myself and appt with the specialist. It only took a month and a huge amount of paperwork,getting medical records transferred and then waiting for my new Dr to review everything. Now I'm playing the waiting game till Aug 29th. Our first appt to 4hrs long, man! I really glad how through he is being though. When we get there we have more paperwork to fill out, then we sit down with the insurance specialist and go over everything that's covered and not covered(thank god Luke has amazing coverage or we would be broke), then we meet with the nurse who will do any testing i may need and do an exam(yea!), then we get to meet the Dr to come up with the game plan.

I'm going to see Dr Fiedler, he is one of only 900 board certified RE's(reproductive endocrinologist) in the country and the only one in the Harrisburg area. If anyone is interested you can check it out at He is suppose to be one of the best Re's around, i have heard his bedside manner is a little lacking but I'm not looking for a best friend, I'm looking for someone to get me pregnant. He also offers a really great IVF program, as long as i qualify, which I've been told i do fit the criteria. For $20,000 you get 6 tries and if you don't deliver a live baby you get all your money back because he feels you should then be able to use that money for adoption. So I'm thinking he can't be that bad of a guy. Oh another good thing is i won't have to run back and forth to the hospital for my ultrasounds and the lab for my blood work, everything is done there and i get my results right then.

OK well I've rambled enough. Thanks to everyone for all the support you have given me in your comments. And thanks to my sweetie(you know who you are) for always being there to listen to my problems and read my email freak outs(hehe) and for sharing her 2 little sweeties who make it all better when i come to the door and they fight to hug me!