Sunday, June 29, 2008

Its a bust!

Unfortunatly this cycle didn't work. After all 7 ultrasounds, 7 jabs in the arm, and 8 jabs in the belly, my Dr pulled the plug on this cycle. She said i had to many almost mature follicles and made me stop injecting. She didn't want to me have 5 babies and she also feared hyperstimulation. I understand her reasoning but i'm still pretty crushed by it all. My next step is to go to an infertility specialists and hope that they will have some more answers for me and be more aggressive! Thanks for all the prayers and wishes for this cycle.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Gonal-F Injections

So i was going to show you a video of my doing the injections but i can't get it to upload for some reason and i don't have time to try any longer tonight. The injections really don't hurt as bad as i thought they would. The worst part of this whole process is going every other morning for blood work and ultrasounds. My day starts at the Hershey Med center for blood work. My poor veins, I'm going to look like a heroine addict soon. After that i then go to Harrisburg Hospital for an internal ultrasound. The reason i don't' do everything at one hospital is because my Dr is affiliated with Harrisburg but Hershey can get blood work results back faster. Yeah, it sucks! I have been injected now for 6days.

According to my Dr everything is going very good. I just found out today that i have a 10mm follicle in the right ovary, yea!!! A good egg for ovulating is usually around 18-20mm so i'm half way there. My dose just got upped from 75 to 150iu's because my estrogen started to fall so i'm hoping this will get me more than one egg to ovulate. Not that i want 6 kids but i'd like to have at least 2 eggs ovulate so my chances of getting pregnant increase. Hopefully sometime tomorrow i will get that video posted!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Girls Beach Trip

Last weekend Heather, Breanna, Maura and I headed down to Rehobeth for our long awaited girls weekend! We had great weather and many many hours of good times! Enjoy some pics i stole from Heather since i left my camera on my kitchen table!

Thanks to Jim and Nancy(Heather parents) for inviting me to your awesome beach house! I had such a fun time, can't wait to do it again soon!

Right in the middle of the beach there was a small gully were water had collected. It ended up being the perfect baby pool. The water was bathtub warm and it was only ankle deep. Maura really enjoyed playing for hours in here. Heather and I named it the cesspool, I'm really hoping it wasn't as dirty as i thought it was!

And yes Heather and I did eventually give in and get into the cesspool!

Maura then entertained us with her version of Thriller. This pic cracks me up!

So Friday we took the girls to FunLand on the boardwalk. Note to all these teacups look like a harmless kids ride but really its a mix of the scrambler and the tilt-a-whirl. Not good for little girls and big girls after rum punch!

Loved the helicopters, its been about 20yrs since i last rode a ride like this. Heather and I were glad we got to ride along!

I think both girls really loved the rides. It was quite a tiring day. I believe we were all asleep by 9:30 that night.

So Heather, after looking at this picture, i think i now understand why people always ask us if we are sisters...oddly enough, we really do look alike. Thanks for the run punch Keegan and the coconut cups hehe!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This better work!

Just wanted to share my little arsenol of baby making supplies. I just got my Gonal-F pen in the mail today. Lets see starting from the left, that bottle of pills is my provera. This is what makes me get my period. I take 1 pill a day for 7days and then about 5 days later i get it. Then starting on day 3 of my cycle i go for my baseline ultrasound and if all is good, i start my injections that night. That pen looking thing is the injections and my big box of needles is behind it. Those are 29 gauge needles, i don't know if anyone knows anything about needles but thats kinda big, i expected smaller! And with it i get my alcohol wipes and my cute little sharps container. So i will be giving myself injections every night for 10-12 days in a row and will be having ultrasounds every other day. All i have to say is this BETTER WORK!!!