Monday, December 22, 2008


We just got back from our embryo transfer this morning. Things went absolutely perfect. As of 6:15am we only had one blast but by transfer time, we had another morula turn into a blast, so we had 2 perfect blasts transferred. We have 7 morulas left which we are hoping that they continue to grow today and turn into blasts so we can freeze them. We should know more later today or tomorrow about our snow babies. So for the transfer your bladder has to be full and mine definitely was, i had to lay there dying to pee while they pressed on my belly with the ultrasound and inserted a speculum. Talk about wanted to pee all over the place!! First they did a practice transfer and then the embryologist brought in our 2 babies and you could see on the ultrasound the catheter going in and little puffs of smoke coming out the end of it, those puffs were our babies. Unfortunately the microscope camera was broken so we don't have actual pictures of our blasts but here is a sample of what one looks like. Well I'm off to lay down for awhile and pray these little babies stick and then its back to work tomorrow!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Embie update...

Here are the updated stats of our little embryos. It seems that more than 22 have now fertilized and now we have 26. I'm just as clueless as most of you reading this about what all this means so Emily or Dagny maybe you could help me out. As far as I know 8cell is perfect for day 3.

Of our ICIS ones:

Of our naturally fertilized ones:

Friday, December 19, 2008

To many butt shots...

Just got back from the Dr's after having some more of my blood sucked out. My progesterone and estrogen levels are plummeting fast. This is good and bad at the same time. Good because it means I have avoided OHSS and I have officially been taking off complete bed rest. I still have to take it easy, no jogging or anything(hehe, those that know me, know i wouldn't do this anyway) but at least i can get up and around now. Its bad because we need those hormone levels to stay at a certain amount. So today i get to take 3 shots in the butt. He made me take a PIO(progesterone in oil) shot right away and I will do another tonight at 9 and I will also take an E2 shot at the same time. Talk about a sore bum tomorrow. Starting tomorrow I can up the PIO from 50mg to 100mgs therefore only taking one shot in the butt and the estrogen is only needed every third day!

We are back in on Monday at 8:30am for our transfer. So exciting, I should get a call tomorrow with an update on how are little embies are doing!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ok quick post as i must get back into bed. Things went very well yesterday, it tool 1.5hrs to retrive the usual is 45mins but you all know I had tons of follicles. When it was all said and done they got 32 mature eggs. Not an office record but it was right up there. I just got the call today that of those 32, 22 fertilized. 13 fertilized naturally and 9 fertilized with icsi. So i'm pretty excited, thats a lot of embryos and now I technically have 22 babies right now. They check them again on Sat and I will get a call to update.

So far OHSS has stayed away. I'm on bedrest and i shouldn't even being sitting up at the computer right now but i didnt' want to leave everyone in supense any longer. I have to chart how much liquid i drink and how much liquid i pee out. I have this little thing called "the hat" that fits over the toilet. They also monitor my weight twice a day and last night I was 121.5 which is a couple pounds higher than normal but this morning I was back at 118, so things are going well. OK i'll update at some point!

Monday, December 15, 2008


TRIGGER TONIGHT! So at 10:30 this evening I get to take my trigger shot. I'm doing 40units of Lupron. I guess in high doses Lupron can be used as a trigger and it minimizes the risk of getting OHSS. My E2 is 7892, that's freaking crazy, I so hope I don't end up getting OHSS. Anyway my ER is Wednesday at 8:30am. They say that i have 102 follicles now not all of those will contain eggs but all the larger ones should. Today my largest was 21.5, 20, a couple 19's and some 18's. Well I've been instructed to stay laying down so I'm off to the couch again, I'll update after Wednesday!

Saturday, December 13, 2008



I will be dying of boredom starting now until after my transfer. Please Please take these follicles out of me!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Is that a bunch of grapes in my ovaries or...

do i seriously have that many follicles developing. So i have been officially scolded by my RE for not shuffling when I walk. I am so full of follicles that the motion of picking up my feet to walk could send me into OHSS. I can't even explain what my stomach feels like right now, rock hard and bloated?? It actually hurts to pee, i guess when my bladder is emptied my ovaries kinda of fall back into place. Anyway my E2 shot from 1074 yesterday to 2606 today. Tonight I add 2 additional injections. Ganirelix to suppress my ovaries from ovulation and Luveris to help them mature even more. My follistim is bumped from 125iu to 200iu's because it needs to override the Ganirelix. Its some crazy stuff, I'm suppressing and at the same time stimulating. I am anxiously awaiting my retrieval to get all these follies out of my ovaries! Here is a pic of what my ovaries look like right now, this is not personally mine but looks very similar.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Follies galore...

My ovaries are filled and I'm feeling it! Today was my 3rd ultrasound appt and it took so long my legs were literally shaking in the stirrups. It reminded me of my patients when their jaw starts to shake because its been open so long! Anyway my E2(estradol) level has shot from less then 20 on Saturday to 484 on Tuesday and today its at 1074. My right ovary is jumping ahead with the most follicles, its have somewhere between 20-25 and the largest ones are 12.5mm. The left has about 10-15 follicles with the largest ones being 12mm. My pants are already fitting tighter due to my swelling ovaries and I'm slightly nauseous and have a constant headache, which actually isn't here right now so I'm happy! Tonight, along with my injections I am to start my Terconazole cream and you all can guess where that cream gets to go...this is to prevent any type of yeast infections from all the drugs I'm on. Oh how I always love the "vag" meds! I'm back tomorrow morning for another ultrasound and blood work and I will be back everyday until retrieval apparently. Things are moving along great and I can't wait for retrieval!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Insert big pile of vomit here.........
On the plus side my cat doesn't need surgery!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

IVF and Vet visits...

Well today was my 1st ultrasound for my 1st IVF cycle. Everything checked out so tonight I get to start stimming. We are just starting out at 150iu's of Follistim once a day. I react pretty well to the drugs so I doubt my dose would ever make it to twice a day. Next appointment is Tuesday morning, that's when the money is due and Luke has to drop off his sample to be frozen. We have to freeze his sample just on the off chance that on retrieval day he gets "stage fright" and can't produce a sample. Oh and that's an extra $200 not included in the $22,000 that's also due that day.

So just because we are broke from our own medical bills, my little Snackers was attached by the neighborhood cat bully from across the street. 6 puncture wounds on her left hind leg and they were abscessed and all nasty. So Thursday evening we had to go to the vet where she was clipped and the wounds were flushed. She got a shot of antibiotics and we were sent home with pills for her. Not sure if anyone has every tried shoving pills down a cats throat, not easy! The best part is we have to go back Monday for another check because her wounds were so bad they might have to surgically remove all the dead tissue...Yea! cause we have a couple hundred extra dollars laying around.
Isn't she just beautiful, I feel so bad for her!