Sunday, January 31, 2010

6 weeks...

Well I'm a few days late with this post, its seriously hard to get on here and blog! This is basically just a picture post its almost feeding time and really not much new is going on with them. They don't have another Dr's appt till 2/19 although I did have Lauren in the other day to check her blocked tear duct and reflux issues and this little chunker is up to 7lbs6oz. I was shocked as I only expected her to be around 6lbs, she still is quite short though and I made an ass of myself asking Dr Hottie(Heather you know I'm talking about) if she was a dwarf, he didn't say no but he did remind me her placenta wasn't functioning as well as her brothers and length is harder to gain then weight right now. Both babies are starting to really look at things and stare into our faces and we are getting some smiles here and there!

Nothing else is really going on...Friday was my 30th so Luke took me out to dinner and then we went out for a couple drinks. Grandma had the babies for their first sleepover, i was scared but all turned out well. Luke got me a beautiful mothers ring that he spent was to much money on but I love it! Tomorrow I have to go back to work aaaahhhh!!! I'm sort of looking forward to it, sort of not. It will be nice to get some adult time, its does getting a little much being trapped in the house all day long doing the same thing over and over(diaper change, feed,play and sleep) Maybe if it wasn't like 10 degrees everyday I could have actually taken the babies out of the house for walks. I'm also very sad to leave the babies but they aren't going to daycare. My mom is taking them Mondays, Daddy has off Tuesday and Wednesdays so he has them, his mom is taking them Thursdays and I have off Fri-Sun! Also lack of sleep and working isn't going to be fun, I'm usually up every 3hrs! I would have loved to have taken more time off with them but as you all know I haven't been to work since September and I don't want to loose my job, my job and boss rocks and a paycheck would be nice too! Ok enjoy the pics!!

Colin's favorite spot!!

Let me just say I really don't make her wear these headbands but it was in a box of hand me down clothes and I had to try it on and take a pic!

Daddy, Colin and Snax!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1 month...

It hard to believe a month has gone by already, its really true that they grow up way to fast. This past month these 2 stinkers have left us totally sleep deprived but filled are hearts 100% with love and it keeps getting fuller and fuller each and everyday! Tomorrow is their actually due date, i cant even imagine still being pregnant with them!

Colin just refuses to look at the camera and Lauren just looks pissed i made her sit there!

I can't believe how much she has grown, i dint' realize until i saw this picture!

Colin says "thanks for stopping by the blog, now leave me alone"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Newborn Proofs...

The pictures are in...the password is LAURENCOLIN for those that know what to do. For those that don't know go to enter the flashsite, go to proofing, enter password in bottom right of screen(its case sensitive)!

Thanks Amy for a wonderful job...seriously how am I going to pick!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week 3

Wow I can't believe its almost been 1 month since these two little stinkers entered our lives. Time goes by so fast and I'm seriously doing nothing but living my life in 3hr increments. We are anxiously awaiting the weather to warm up so we can get out of this house. Thank god I am used to just sitting around the house, that's all i have been doing since September well I suppose i was sitting around the hospital but still before bed rest I was always on the go so at least i was prepped for pretty much doing nothing. Well I'm not doing nothing, taking care of 2 babies is pretty crazy, i can't imagine how easy one would be. I find it hard to get to much accomplished between feedings except laundry and washing bottles.

Here are our 2 little stinkers at 3 weeks old, they are impossible to pose right now!

Daddy and his little man Colin...he is such a good Dad, for some reason both kids like to pee and poo all over Daddy but not Mommy...I'm not complaining!!

Miss L getting her bath, which thankfully they both love getting baths!

Chillin in our boppy's!

Our little stinker(she seriously stinks all the time) I think you inherited Daddy's digestive system and somehow you manage to get greasy hair only hrs after your bath but we couldn't love you anymore! We had our checkups this week and you weighed 5lbs13oz that's up from 4lbs11oz at the last appt. That puts you in the 3 percentile but those charts are based on 40weeks gestation not the 35 that you were. You are now 17 1/4 inches, we are pretty sure you were measured wrong at birth since they said you were 18in we have always doubted that measurement. All you reflexes checked out and the Dr was very impressed with you. You are so alert and are already gazing into our eyes!

Our big boy, you are such a sleepy head, we were worried at first you would always be fussing at night but you are actually sleeping better then your sister at night now. We have started calling you "squeaks" you make so many funny noises and you can't stop moving all around. You now weigh 7lbs6oz, that's up from 5lbs13oz at our last appointment and you now are 20in long up from 18.5 at birth. You have actually made it onto the growth chart but of course are still a little low due to being a are in the 17th percentile.

This picture just made me laugh, she looks like a poor old man. Someday she might kill me for posting this one!

Colin lovin on his froggy toy, ok i know it was just a reflex that he is actually holding this but I like to pretend he really wanted to grab and hug it.

Tummy Time...I'm amazing at how well you are at holding your head up, now we just need to work on you turning your head.

This little peanut is awesome at tummy time, shehas even mastering turning her head.

I'm not sure they are even aware each other existed but they sure loved hanging out on their playmat.

This guy even figured out how to reach up and grab the toy!

Next Thursday is their 1 month birthday, I'll try my best to get their picture up but blogging has become quite hard. For those of you that haven't checked it out yet go to to check out some of their professional pics!