Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Visit with Santa...

Yes its a little early but we met some friends at Bass Pro and had to give it a try...no crying just looks of shock, i'll take it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

11 Months...

So its getting increasingly more difficult to get these pictures, they refuse to sit still. Lauren looks somewhat happy to be 11 months and Colin is just shocked I think or maybe its because he is teething and miserable!

Example of how most of the pictures turned out!

Updates on the kiddos...both are crawling, Lauren still only army crawls but that girl can move! Both are pulling up on everything, especially Lauren. I'm pretty sure she will be the 1st to walk, she is already standing for a few seconds unsupported. Colin has 7 teeth with more on the way, Lauren still has none! They both still love any food we have given them, we just dropped down to 3 bottles a day an no complaints so far. Lauren still only says Dada but I'm pretty sure I've heard her say uh-oh and maybe hi. Colin says Mama, Dada, Hi and shoes(yes he's obsessed with them). Both learned to wave hi/bye and do "so big"! I can hardly believe we have 1 month to go till 1, it seemed like so far away at one point but has snuck up on us sooo fast!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Daily Life...

Nothing to exciting going on over here lately, life is kinda boring right now if you can even say life with twins is boring!!

Lauren rocking her mohawk! No we didn't use gel, that's just held up with leftover dinner!
When i saw this picture it made me realize just how much he has turned into a "big boy"

We went to watch cousin Harlow's school Halloween parade!

Lauren wishing she could be in the parade!

My Booders!

Last weekend we dealt with an ear infections accompanied by projectile vomiting, I feel so helpless as a mom with sick babies! Poor Lauren passed out on Daddy's chest.

She later broke out in a rash all over from her antibiotic :-( but thankfully she was better and all cleared up for our pictures yesterday!
In other news Colin is finally officially crawling and getting into everything, Baby Girl still follows behind with her army crawl!

This is as good as Halloween got at our house, both were sick the entire Halloween weekend and i'm not going to lie, these pictures we taken yesterday!