Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick IVF update...

Looks like things are going to get rolling in about 2 weeks. I'm on BCP's till 12/1 and i'll have and ultrasound that day. If all looks good, I get to go off the pill and I go back on 12/6 for another ultrasound and that would be the day I get started on my meds. We have a tenative egg retrieval on 12/17 and an embryo transfer for 12/22. So I will sorta kinda be pregnant for Christmas, whether or not the embryo's stick, we'll have to wait and see!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

IVF Consult...

Yesterday was our consult for IVF. Boy was that overwhelming, 2hrs of "oh my god what are we doing". But even the thought of being broke, all the shots. and all the trips to the Dr's isn't going to stop us. Dr Fiedler offers a really great program and its the only place in this area to offer it. For a rather large sum of money($22,000) which doesn't include meds, anesthesia and various other small but expensive things we will get 6 stimulated trys at the IVF and if we don't deliver a live baby we will get all our money back to put towards adoption. What I mean by 6 stimulated tries is, my first cycle will be stimulated by meds. After the egg retrieval and embryo transfer what ever embryo's are left over will be frozen. If we don't get pregnant from the 1st cycle our next cycle will be a FET(frozen embryo transfer) cycle. They will thaw our left over embryos and transfer them. That FET cycle doesn't count as cycle #2. If the FET cycle fails we will then stimulate again to get fresh eggs, that counts as cycle 2. So if i go through all my cycles we are actually looking at 12cycles being included in that price. That makes it way more worth it to me. However if we get pregnant on the 1st cycle, we have just lost about $10,000 but a baby makes it worth it and it will be nice not to have to go through all the poking and prodding.

I don't know to many details or dates at the moment, we are kinda taking it one thing at a time. I still have a left over cyst on my right ovary. A cyst is actually a leftover follicle. If that's there when we start stimulating that will grow way to big and might stop others from growing. So I'm going to start birth control pills today and will probably be on them between 2-3weeks. They should get rid of the cyst and bring my E2 level down. If everything looks good at that time we will begin stimulating.

Its not just going to be one drug I'm injecting this time. Its more like 3-4different drugs. Some are belly shots and some are butt shots(ouch). We had butt shot instructions yesterday. Luke had to learn to do it and that scared me. Their i was with my pants half off, bent over a chair and Luke had to stab my butt. But thankfully my butt is so tiny that I get to use 1inch needles instead of 1.5inch needles. It still burns though!

That's about all I can remember, I'll update as i find more out. I gotta go get ready to see the two little girls that make me realize how worth it this journey is!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Beta results

Well as suspected it was a BFN(big fat negative). I knew it wouldn't get pregnant that easy and for that little money! So here are some things I am starting to wonder about:

1.Who the hell shot my stork???
2.Where is that magically water that everyone drinks and gets pregnant because I would love a glass of it?
3.Who has a husband that all he has to do it look at you and your pregnant because can he come over and stare at me!

Apparently my Dr can shoot the sperm right into the path of 4-6 eggs ovulating and I still can't freakin get pregnant.

Here are some lies I'm sick of hearing...

1.Oh don't worry, you'll be next...umm no i won't because somebody always get pregnant before me.
2.Just relax, it will it won't because i don't make enough hormones!
3.It will happen when the time is right...but the time is right, right now damn it!

Ok enough of me being bitter its time to move on. We have an IVF consult this coming Thursday. So somehow in the next couple days we have to come up with $20,000. We are so going to be poor. But that $20,000 does get us 6 tries and if we don't deliver a baby with get the money back.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I caved...

So I caved this morning and took a test, much to Luke's disapproval. It was what I had expected...just one stupid little pink line. Oh how badly I had wanted two pink lines. Yes, yes i know what you all will say..."Maybe tomorrows blood test will show something different, it still could be to early" I know its a way to make me feel better and i appreciate it but lets be honest, it isn't happening. I'm not as upset as i thought i might be, i guess i have just knew all along it wasn't going to be as easy as getting pregnant with my 1st IUI. I am still happy i had the chance to actually do the IUI without the cycle being cancelled. I suppose we are on to much much more expensive treatments! I'll update the official results tomorrow!