Friday, August 29, 2008

My good/bad update!

Well i had my 5hr appt today with my new reproductive endocrinologist.

First off, i love my new Dr, he was great and is much more aggressive. I had been warned that he is the best Dr in the area but his bedside manner sucked. Well i thought he was wonderful and he has a great personality. I firmly believe if anyone is going to get me pregnant it will be him or it just won't be possible to get me pregnant.

So here is the bad news. I need to have my lap surgery done all over again. He thinks that my polyp was never completely removed and my uterus seems to have something called a septum in it. If the septum is made of muscle that's good no problems but if its fibrous material, it needs to be surgically removed. It is a correctable problem and it won't reoccur. The only way to find out is by doing another lap. Which will cost us $750 since only part of it will be covered. My Dr did however feel bad that i just had it done so the 750 is a discounted rate.

So i go in for some blood work on Tues, just some basic stuff. They will check all my hormone levels, my thyroid and also if i have any insulin problems. After that comes back i will be put on birth control pills and stay on them without taking the placebo pills therefore stopping me from getting a period(not that i get one anyway) Then both me and Luke have to go on Doxycyclene to make sure we aren't carrying any bacteria "down there". Then Luke has to have a sperm culture done(he's so excited) and my culture will be done while in surgery. Surgery is scheduled for 9/11, thank god there was a cancellation otherwise I'd be waiting till Nov. If during surgery he finds out my uterine septum is fibrous he will cut out that fibrous material and i will be put on estrogen for a couple months while it heals. If my uterus is ok, after my post-op check i will be placed on Metaformin. Even if I'm not insulin resistant they say going on this drug actually helps pcos women ovulate on their own. Then from there we will talk about our next step, whether its another injectable cycle with or without IUI or if we want to go straight to IVF. We found out a lot of the ultrasounds i will need while on my injectable cycle will not be covered this time. So depending on the cost of that we might just scrap that idea and go right to IVF, that's still to be determined.

So i guess this scraps the new siding and things we have been wanted to do to the house. We are obviously going to blow through all our savings and extra money trying to get a baby. If it happens all this money and effort will have been well worth it. I feel like i need to start fundraising for myself...anyone wanna buy a candy bar?? Just kidding, i gotta laugh and joke or i might break down and cry!

So once again I'm waiting, ugh! Why why me, i don't get it. I swear, i'm a good person!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Can We...

Please stop using plastic bags! Awhile back i bought some canvas bags at Giant and I love them. They were only 99cents and hold way more than a normal plastic grocery bag. Here is why i feel so strongly about using them:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Salesmen Suck!

So about 5mins ago a salesman came to my door selling cleaning products. He ask me if i was a mother, i said no and this is what he did: He held up his hand to give me a high-five and he said, and i quote "Oh yea...way to be keepin it stretch free" I was like WTF, now i know he has no idea of my infertility situation but who the heck says that. I was about to take his cleaning products and shove them up, well you know! So no I'm not buying your stupid product and the money i save by not buying it I'm putting it towards conceiving my baby!! OK sorry for the vent, it was just to crazy not to post!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Girls Beach Weekend Part Duex

Heather, the girls and I made it down to the beach for another fun filled weekend. We had two gorgeous weather days to soak up the sun and chase around really sandy little girls! You can check out Heather's blog to see more pics from out weekend but here are a few of mine:

Here is Maura and Mommy soaking up the sun!
I really didn't know it was possible to have SO much sand come out of a bathing suit. After seeing this picture i now know how that happened. She was swimming in the sand!

I know, really bad picture quality here but I had to show it. I went down with 2 pregnant women with some serious Dorito cravings. Here is one of our binge sessions Saturday afternoon. No I'm not pregnant but i sure did eat like i was. Doritos, pretzels, cheese dip, salsa and spinach dip. Oh lets not forget Kohrs brothers ice cream 2 nights in a row. Heather you made me a lover of chocolate jimmies on my soft serve, yum!
I'll leave you guys with a really cute video of how to play ring around the rosie on the beach!