Sunday, December 18, 2011

2 Years Old...

Colin and Lauren, your 2 years old now, i don't know where the time goes. I can't even remember what life was like without you, what did I do with all my extra time! I remember right after you guys came home from the hospital, I ask Daddy, I wonder what you two will be like when your two, and here we are, your two already!

2 years old

1 year old!

6 months old!

A few hours old!

Eating your Bday donut!

Dear Lauren, you are the silliest little girl. You love to make us laugh by doing silly things on purpose. You are so so smart and I'm not just saying that because I'm your Mom, I see a difference in you compared to others your age(even your brother, don't tell him). You love your babies and are really starting to pretend play with them by taking them for walk and feeding them dinner. Just the other week you told your baby to "sit right there and knock it off" I guess I must say that to you a lot. Your are sooo opinionated and stubborn and have really found out that you have a say in how your life goes! Things you love at the age of 2, pancakes and pizza, you love your teddy bear named Bottle and your stuffed Giraffey and ducky. They must be in bed with you for naps and nighttime and both Daddy and I must kiss each one goodnight. My favorite saying that you say right now is "mmm mmm mmm deewishous"! Things that scare you right now is any type of animated doll or stuffed animal and the wind. One night you heard the wind howling outside your window and have been scared ever since! Happy 2nd Birthday Sissy, we love you!

Colin's Birthday donut!

Dear Colin, you are a mama's boy! You are what I like to call a stage 3 clinger, you aren't quite as easy as your sister is. You like to have what you what when you want, you have a very hard time learning how to share! You want anything that someone else has. You love animals, dogs especially. You love trucks, trains, airplanes, tractors, bulldozer's anything with wheels. I often find you sitting at your table in the playroom lining up all your cars and admiring them. You can name all sorts of different types of trucks and diggers. You love dinosaurs and you know them by their real names. You are very outgoing in groups of people, you always find a friend on the playground to play with, a lot of times its older girls and you love how they "mother" you! You love pasta and pizza and juice. Boy do you love juice, to bad Mommy doesn't let you have it all the time! You love the Freshbeat Band(s0 does your sister) you are going to be so excited when you find out your seeing them live in March with your best friends Chase and Ella! Happy 2nd Birthday Booders, we love you!

Since I'm such a crappy blogger, here are a few recent pictures of what we have been up to!

See we do love each other sometimes!

Celebrating Harlows 2nd Birthday!

I swear that not alcohol in Colin's sippy!

Stay tuned for pics from our pool party Birthday!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween and whatnot...

After we(Daddy) carved our pumpkins, can you tell Colin is saying cheese!

Who doesn't like a nice bubble bath after pumpkin carving!

After some crying and bribes with fruit snacks we got our costumes on and they had a blast. I was expecting to maybe go to 5 house but they caught on right away and we made it to 15-20 homes. They would even say trick or treat and then Colin would say "thank you much".

So after having a snow storm the weather was perfect the next day for Hershey Park in Dark, thanks Heather for the tickets!

Daddy braved the lady bugs with the kids, the last time I rode this over the summer I thought I might puke...seriously I'm getting old, how does this ride make me puke when as a kid I could ride the roder over and over(those of you local people know what I'm talking about).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

22 Months...

Gone are the days of sitting them on the couch and taking a nice picture of the two of them, nobody will sit still at the same time, this is the best I could get but they are pretty darn cute.

Things to remember about Lauren at this age

  • You love doing seat drops and you do them anywhere, even on Mommy when she is laying down pretending to be asleep.

  • Your language has exploded you surprise me everyday with new words and watch out you repeat anything we say...ahem Daddy you need to watch your language there have been some very choice words outta this little girl.

  • You love the FreshBeat Band, KiKi is your favorite and your favorite episode(yes you request a certain one, thank god for DVR) is Loco legs or as you call it Woco Wegs!

  • You love taking your baby or any stuffed animal on stroller rides

  • You like to pretend to make coffee and pizza for Mommy, my pizza being the top half of a fake hamburger bun and my coffee being served in your round shape sorter block.

  • The other night you told me you bath water was to hot but not to worry you would blow it to cool it off, I wish I had the video camera for that.

  • You love pizza and ask for it for every meal

  • You dance like Stevie Wonder

  • You are seriously smart and I'm not just saying that since your my kid, you really are quite smart and I hope you do amazing things in life!

Things to remember about Colin

  • You give the best kisses and you say "mmmwaahhh" when you give them!

  • When you hug me you put your head on my shoulder and nuzzle in all while saying "awww".

  • You love trucks, trains, bikes, motorcycles and cars, anything with wheels basically.

  • Before bed you make sure to let me know you want the fan off and only your blue blanket in the crib, not your puppy blanket.

  • You think its so silly to shake your head all around all while saying dodedodedodedo!

  • As soon as you hear me shut off the shower you run in to hand me my towel and love my "towel hat".

  • Your really getting into dinosaurs and you know their names and say them pretty darn well for an almost 2yr old

  • You as well love the freshbeat band and I love to watch you try to sing and dance along with them

  • You always tell me Colin's first or its Colin's turn, you are a little bossy and possessive but your still the best little man I know!

I'm trying to teach them to clean up after dinner and use teamwork to do it! Lauren just thinks the dustpan is a broom.

Colin was the only brave pony rider, Lauren was all for it until we actual got near it.

Dino riding at the local playground.


Hayride into the pumpkin patch with some of our twin friends!

Colin and his girlfriend Ella trying to ride the bikes!

Sitting on our pumpkin patch pumpkins

The pumpkins got boring, time to check out some ants!

Checking out a cool indoor playground that open recently.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I've got nothing...

We have been laying low the last few weeks and haven't done anything terribly exciting unless you call going through the worst flood our area has seen in 40yrs exciting! I'm finally getting around to posting a few of my favorite 18month photos we had done in July.

Miss Lidia turned 1 a few weeks ago and we got to play on her new bounce house that we hope we get to play in a whole lot more!

Everyone sitting nicely for dinner except Lauren who choose to stand.

We finally got to meet Elyse(i hope i spelled that right) and had fun playing in the sandbox together even though our Mommies hate the sandbox!

Aaah the flood, what else is there to do when its been raining for days and our basement is flooding, go out in play in the water that is pumping like a geyser out of our basement! Lets not mention the ear infections and the bee stings that also occured all at the same time.

This is right down street from our house

Here is a close up picture, the water was over the roof of the 711

This was the entrance to the nature trail down the street.

All and all we lucked out and only lost our 1970's style finished basement, so many of my neighbors lost their entire homes, the devastation in our area is terrible, this has made me quite scared of rain now, how ridiculous is that, you just never realize how much damage water can do until you live through it.

On a happier note this is our favorite way to spend a Friday morning!