Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween and whatnot...

After we(Daddy) carved our pumpkins, can you tell Colin is saying cheese!

Who doesn't like a nice bubble bath after pumpkin carving!

After some crying and bribes with fruit snacks we got our costumes on and they had a blast. I was expecting to maybe go to 5 house but they caught on right away and we made it to 15-20 homes. They would even say trick or treat and then Colin would say "thank you much".

So after having a snow storm the weather was perfect the next day for Hershey Park in Dark, thanks Heather for the tickets!

Daddy braved the lady bugs with the kids, the last time I rode this over the summer I thought I might puke...seriously I'm getting old, how does this ride make me puke when as a kid I could ride the roder over and over(those of you local people know what I'm talking about).