Friday, May 23, 2008

Post-op check

So i had my surgery post-op check today. Everything went well and looks great. I got to see pics of my ovaries, tubes and uterus. The Dr said everything in there looks text book perfect. Now if only we could get me to ovulate!!

So next week i am going to have my little class on how to give myself the injections. Sitting here right now i feel like i will be able to give myself the injections but we'll see when it comes down to it. Luke may possible wind up doing it for me. I'm going to try my best though, i want a baby soo bad i think i can muster up the courage to jab myself!! So by mid-june i will start on my Gonal-F injections. I holding off for a couple weeks because Heather, Sharon and I are going to the beach the first weekend in June so i don't want to deal with it down there. Very excited for a girls weekend at the beach, the best thing is at least one night we will have a babysitter for Breanna and Maura and Sharon who is pregnant has volunteered her services as a DD for Heather and I for our night at Secrets!!! Thanks Sharon!

So i plan on posting my own video for you guys to see but until i start here is one i found on youtube if anyone is interested:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Surgery Update!

Finally all my surgical procedures are done! Everything went really well yesterday, actually better than i expected. I was definilty a little nervous until they anethesiologist gave me that wonderful drug and he said it would feel like a drank a six-pack all at once. He was right, i couldn't stop giggling after that. Once in the operating room he placed that mask over my mouth and Miss Maura Tressler my mask smelled like rootbeer! After that the next think i knew i was waking up. I wasn't even feeling nauseas at all, which was my main concern pre-surgery and very little pain. Today my bellybutton is pretty sore and i have like pressure pain up through to my shoulder but that is just all the gas the pumped me up with so they could see better. So after all of that, my tube was open afterall. My polyp was removed, it was pretty small but it was located at the end of my left tube which could have blocked the dye in the inital test i had and it also could have blocked and future eggs being released. So i would have the say the surgery was definilty worth it. At the end of this month i get to move on to my injectables...i so excited i hope this month goes fast!

Here is a post surgery belly pic, you can see my bloody belly button and my other incision is on my lower left but its on your right if your looking at the pic.