Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer wrap up...

We took the kids to Cherry Crest Adventure Farms, I highly recommend this place to anyone with small children, it was wonderful. If you live in the Harrisburg-Philly area its right outside of Lancaster, Pa! We spent 5hrs here and if the kiddos weren't so tired we could have stayed longer. There is just so much for the kids to do and play with and you can actually board the Strasburg railroad right from the farm.

Our 3 crazy animals.
Colin tried to milk the cow.

They all got to pet and hold baby chickens.

Harlow is such an animal lover, she was in heaven in the petting zoo.

We kissed some baby goats.

and gave them some nosies!

We all took a wagon ride through the corn.

They had really cool slides but the walk up the hill was treacherous.

Grammy and Lauren took a ride.

We jumped on a gigantic pillow.

We played in the hay jump, Colin did almost break his neck falling off this, thank god for rubbery baby bones!

We rode some wooden horses

Hitched a ride with Daddy on the tractor.

Got attacked by a hungry llama, this guy literally ate the food out of the vending machine before we could even get it out.

The next weekend we checked out the Elizabethtown fair.

Aunt Katie came along and rode the train with them because Harlow was scared to go alone.

We went to a church event and got to be junior firefighters

My sweet little fire girl!

The last weekend of summer is upon us, hopefully we will get some good pool weather and we also get to celebrate Baby Lidia's 1st birthday!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

20 months...

How can it be that we are 4 months away from 2!

Lauren and Colin, I'm amazed at how much you have changed from the beginning of summer until now, close to the end. I remember going to the playgrounds in May and June and it was so hard to take you alone because you still weren't very good at climbing by your self, now I find you at the top of the big kids playgrounds shooting down huge steep slides that scare me to death. You both are starting to piece 2 and 3 words together, Colin especially with his favorite phrase "MaaMoo's car"(Grandma's car) You are slowly starting to do imaginative play like feeding your babies, taking them on walks, feeding kitty on your play dishes. Your favorite foods right now are cancakes(pancakes) and any fruits, where did my good veggie eaters go?? Colin your feet are growing like crazy right now, the new size 6 sneaker I bought you last month are already to small. Lauren you now must have your bear you named bottle and your ducky with you to sleep at night and for naps. You two love to swim and you both do great in the baby pool and with your arm bands in the big pool, I'm very impressed at your ability at such a young age. Ok I'm wrapping this up you are waking up now!
Coloring with Cousin Harlow on a rainy afternoon.

The local Carnival, obviously Lauren you hated this!

You reached for a ball and got "tuck"

Favorite ride at Knobels

Love this sweet face!

And this one too!

Friday, August 12, 2011


We signed the kids up for gymnastics this summer, it started in June and finishes the end of this month. Expensive yes but worth it to see how much they love it and how much they have learned from it. The first couple classes I wasn't sure we made the right decision, it was very structured and they expected a lot of them. The class is for 18months to 3yrs but thankfully our class was mostly all in the 18month age range, the oldest being 2. We also have 2 other sets of twins in the class, Chase and Ella who are Colin and Laurens best friends and another set of boy/girl twins Taylor and Brady. The instructor realized it was much to structured for the age group so she taught them some skills and let them go at it! They just thrived from there on out.

Lauren has been known to walk this balance beam all by herself but of course not the night I brought he camera.
Colin working on the beam.

My little monkey, no that's not drool on her shirt or sweat, she spilled her cup of water.

She rocks this uneven bar, she just hangs by herself and swings. She couldn't do this the 1st month or two of class, over the last couple weeks she has really grown in her skills.

Bootman, my handsome gymnast

Daddy took the kids to the playground the other day and caught some really cute pics!