Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some sweetness on Saturday...

Grandma came to visit

Our little movie star! She has the attitude to match it!

Colin's smile!

Lauren's voice!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 Months Old...

Holy cow 3 months old, i can't believe they have been ruling our lives this long! Here is the winning 3 month photo! Although slightly blurry and no one is looking my way its just way to cute.

Here are some outtakes from out photo session, they were just to cute not to post

Mommy and Colin having a self photo shoot while Lauren is sleeping

Colin James aka Mr Smiley...this little guy is always smiling and laughing. He has found his voice and is constantly squawking as we call it. He is so laid back and can sit and entertain himself much longer than his sister. He still loves the ceiling fan but is starting to realize the swing and the play mat are much more fun. His new most favorite thing is his hands...see below they must be the most tastiest hands around! He was at the Dr's last week for a cold and he weighed 12lbs..I think Lauren is catching up quick!

Lauren Avery aka Drama...she wants what she want when she wants it and if she doesn't get it all hell breaks loose. She is super smile too and is starting to coo. She is way more in love with the ceiling fan then Colin is and she loves her swing(see below). She has found her tongue and anything in its way will get licked. She is our little chunker, she is short and chunky. Her brother is long and lean.

Lets not forgot our 3rd baby Snax!
We are so in love with these two miracles and we just fall deeper and deeper in love everyday, with every smile and coo! I can't wait to see their little personalities emerge as these next few months pass.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Babies...

Who doesn't love them some happy babies!!!

Our poor forgotten 3rd child, she has definitly taken a backseat to the babies, not the 1st one fed in the mornings and not the 1st one cuddle after work but we still love you our 20lbs fatty cat Snax! We found her laying this way in the bathroom yesterday, butt high in the air!