Monday, November 16, 2009

31 Week Post

This was sent to me straight from the mama herself. Since she can't update her blog, I am still posting for her but here is a picture and update! Keep sending healthy baby and mama vibes her way!

How far along- 31 weeks

Weight Gain- 20lbs, I am all babies!!

Maternity Clothes- Just wearing pj's and the pants are tighter and the shirts are getting shorter

Sleep- Sucks, my back hurts all the time and hospital beds suck

Best Moment- Seeing my friend Heather and Mika's babies, they are hospital bedrest buddies

Movement- I feel them everyday but they are running out of room fast

Cravings- right now a blt sounds good but i'm eating a grilled cheese

Adversions- anything that comes on the hospital tray!

Sickness- hmm i'm sick with bordom


Labor signs- all the time but under control

Belly Button- the top part is out and he bottom is flat and it is so sore!

What I miss- My cat, my house, my bed, my friends, everything that exists outside the hospital

What I'm looking forward to- Getting out of here and getting the babies out of me!

Milestones- That I have made it 7.5weeks since I went into labor