Friday, February 26, 2010

Just stuff...

Nothing much interesting to report but I didn't want to not do a post this week, so enjoy a few pictures...
Grandma and Cousin Harlow visited us, yes that's my chubby chunk in the middle!
Colin and Harlow hanging out

Believe it or not this was the best shot i got out of like 10 pictures, why can't my kids focus on the camera!

Goofy smile!

Umm yes my kids are covered up with their spit up on burp clothes, somebody call child services!

Stupid little video but apparently blowing raspberries results in a very cute startled expression.

Friday, February 19, 2010

2 Months...

Wow can it really be true, how in the world as 2 months flown by. These two are growing so much its crazy, some days I get home from work and it looks like they have grown by miles! Both babies are doing great and are hitting all developmental milestones for their age even though they should only be 1 month old. They are great night sleepers, usually going to bed between 8-9pm and don't get up till 2-3am and then they go right back to sleep till about 6am. Both Luke and I are still anxiously awaiting when they sleep from 7-7! Naps are another story, they are definitely trying to fight the nap. They are just so interested in the world around them right now. The "witching hour(s)" are in full effect right now, from about 5-8pm all they want to do is fuss and be held, we are hoping this will end soon. Everyone says it will but its hard to believe! It was such a long hard road to get here but these two were worth every pill, every injections in the belly, butt, leg and arm, all the internal ultrasounds, every surgery, all the MONEY, all the heartache, the 12 weeks of bed rest(9 in the hospital), the finger pricks and diet restrictions(gest diabetes), the itchy skin of my preg induced liver condition(cholistasis), all the mornings i spent strapped to the heart monitors and contraction monitors and the loss of their bro/sis before them. I like to think that little baby watched over them and kept them inside me until they would be healthy!

Maybe some month soon you will both look at me and smile???
Colin James...who couldn't love that smile! You are surprising now our laid back baby, we never would have guess this a month ago. You love it when we wiggle your nose and lips and say beep beep, that always brings our a smile. You love to eat and you are absolutely in love with the worlds ugliest ceiling fan in the living room. You could watch it spin for hours! You can hold you head up so well by yourself and we are so close to bring out the bumbo for you to sit in. You are such a handsome young man!
2month stats:
weight-10lbs15oz 31%
length-22in 18%

Lauren are such a little diva, you went from being so quiet and laid back to so demanding. If we don't give you what you want when you want it you make sure to let us know. One day I could hear you from outside the house...OK I'm back after 20mins, she must have know i was writing about her because she just started screaming and i had to sooth her back to sleep. You as well love to eat and love that horrid ceiling fan. You love when we sit and listen to the 90's channel on tv and sing the songs. I think you favorite so far was I'm too sexy! You are pretty good at holding you head up also and even though you have been smiling since birth(well reflexive smiling) your the hardest to work a meaningful smile of. Someday soon you will give me one instead of everyone else...right? You are our little stink and we couldn't love you more
2month stats:
weight-9lbs7oz 17%
length-20.5inches 3%

Miss Jackie holding Colin

I like to call this "yo fist bump dude"

Colin ready for the Superbowl, he was rooting for the Steelers even if they weren't in it.

I knew you loved her

Grammy and her babies
Here is to hoping my weekend is free from fussy fevering babies...they got their 2 month shots today and they hated it, but who wouldn't. We were given the go ahead to add a small amount of rice cereal to their bottles in the hopes that it will help with their reflux. Its so sad to watch them constantly choke up stomach acid and we have a never ending pile of laundry from spit up. Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!
Hope your day is filled with love!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog header...

Just wanted to thank Amy at for the awesome blog header and for the beautiful pictures we received yesterday! We look forward to working with you for a long time!

We can't just have a new post with out a couple pics of the kiddos...Happy Friday, I survived my 1st week back to work and last night we got a 5hr stretch of sleep(please don't' let me jinx this by mentioning it)!

My dads friend's wife made these hats for us and neither would cooperate for a picture together so I had to get them separate while sort of sleeping and just after feeding!

Love this pic, even if she looks semi drunk and no that's not why we got 5hrs of sleep:-)