Saturday, September 18, 2010

9 Months old...

Its incredibly hard now to get them to sit still of these pictures, this was the best i could get it!
Booders at 9 Months
  • Has 4 teeth, the bottom front is fully in and the one beside is peaking through now and he has 2 top teeth but not the front teeth the ones beside those, weird huh??
  • Still no actual crawling, he prefers to butt scoot, we have also seen him army crawl
  • Says dada and lala and I think I have heard mama once we work on that one daily:-)
  • Favorite food, mandarin oranges, they are his crack, both babies are almost completely on finger foods now and are doing great!
  • He can clap his hands to play patty cake and he has waved bye once!

They love brushing their teeth!

Lauren at 9 Months
  • No crawling, she is starting to butt scoot as well but she does pull up on everything she can, especially on me. She got herself pulled up on her crib once as well, thank god we lowered the crib the night before.
  • No teeth for her yet, i don't even seeing any coming
  • Favorite food, mandarin oranges as well with black beans a close 2nd!
  • Loves to make and "O" face and blow air
  • Screams with delight when Snax the cat comes into the room!
  • She has pretty much mastered the sippy cup!

I just love her face in this pic, she was mad, we were making fun of her bedhead!

Colin can actually ride this thing more backwards then forward though!

We almost daily go to play in these swings, Colin's feet almost hit the ground, they are growing so so fast.

We had a play date with our friend Maizza!
Every month is just keeps getting more and more fun, its hard to believe we have 3 months until their 1st birthday, that's just absolutely crazy! Where has this past year gone, last year at this time I was going into the hospital on bed rest, it seems like just yesterday!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Lauren always suffers from bedhead, this by far has been the worst, Colin thinks it crazy!