Friday, September 19, 2008

Post-Op #2

Here is the latest update on operation baby:

This morning i went for my post-op appt to find out all the surgery details i was to groggy to remember. He had plenty of pictures to show me, it was gross yet really quite interesting. I even got to see my liver, appendix and bowel. Anyway here are the details.

He said i had numerous polyps removed. 2 of the polyps had stems on them and were creeping up my tubes. There was a couple spots of endometriosis removed. I had some fibroids in my pelvis area that were removed. I had a cyst removed near my ovaries that was to big to pull through the laproscopic holes so they had to cut it apart first. And my bowel was stuck to my uterus so that was cut away and placed correctly. How crazy is that he said i was either born that way or i could have had some inflammation that led to it. I was like holy sh*t but he assured me he had seen worse. Everything that was removed was benign so that was good. So our next step is a cycle of injectable fertility drugs plus iui's. IUI=Intrauterine insemination. To put it bluntly, I'm being turkey basted with the best of what Luke has to offer. Probably happening mid-late Oct, he basically removed my whole uterine lining so I'm on estrogen to replenish that. Starting 10/1 i begin my progesterone suppositories for 10 days and then wait for my period and begin treatment. I can't wait, I hope it works or we are out $2200 and will have plenty of heartache! But money and heartache won't stop us on this journey. If it doesn't work IVF is next!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Surgery Update #2

Just wanted to give you all a quick update before the vicodin kicks in:

So the surgery lasted 4hrs, my first lap only took 1hr, shows you how hard my previous Dr check things out. I have numerous polyps in my uterus extending into my tubes. So all those were removed and he actually found some mild endometriosis. Even though its mild, he said endo is endo, so all that was removed. As for the uterus septum it was all muscles tissue, no fibrous stuff yea!! I still have to go on some estrogen for 28 days to build my lining up in all the places he had to cut polyps away so i suppose I'm waiting again. Once I'm done with the estrogen he have me use some progesterone suppositories(these sound fun) to bring on my period and then we will start treatment. Unsure what route we're taking we will talk about it next week at our post-op check, i will also find out more details about the surgery.

Oh and this just made me laugh, which made my stomach hurt!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Am I....

Am I scared for my surgery on Thursday, No I'm not. Am I scared of what he is making me do that morning...Yes!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jalapeno eye and stuff...

So I have acquired an awful and painful medical condition...I like to call it Jalapeno eye! This is how it occurred: It all started when Luke's friend from work gave us a couple of jalapeno peppers he grew in his garden. Tuesday night i decided to make some chicken enchiladas and cut 2 of the peppers up and add it to our dinner. The enchiladas turned out good but they tasted like about 20 fireballs in your mouth. Fast forward 2hrs later and at least 3 hand washings since i cut the peppers up, i go to take my contacts out. Big Mistake! My eyeballs lit on fire, it felt like somebody was holding a match to my eye. I tried splashing water in my eyes, splashing milk in them, flushing them with contact solution. Finally about an hour later the burning subsided. So the next morning i stupidly go to put my contacts in and my jalapeno eye flares up all over again. So here i am 2 days later, still wearing my glasses because my eyes are all swelled and red but are getting much better so hopefully tomorrow I'll be in remission.

Anyway, here are some Labor Day pics:

Here is our goggle patrol...Jackie Benko, Bain Meloy and Paige Blough
She was too cute with her big face mask

We found another lover of sausage dip, little Gwen is just like Mommy. For those who don't know, sausage dip is the most amazing tastiest fattening dip ever!

Its never a party at Lonny's without the jumpy house. It like a free babysitter just lock them in and continue partying!

So Luke almost smiled in this photo

And i couldn't resist posting a pic of the most sexiest cat ever. Heather don't you just wanna smoosh you face in her belly!