Friday, April 22, 2011

16 Months...

Their baby look is fading fast :-(

This little man's language is just exploding, i must brag a little, we were told he was well ahead of most boys his age with his words at our Dr's appt. There are just to many words to list. Colin is into anything with wheels, trucks, cars, trains, strollers(he hijacked a stroller at the playground the other day with a baby in it) He is still eating great although he is much more a veggie and fruit guy, he is not so much into meat. Blueberries are his favorite right now!

Can i just say DIVA! She wants what she wants when she wants it and look out if she doesn't get it. Her favorites things right now is her sliding board, balls(pink or purple ones), kitty and dancing. She is slowly learning new words and just learned to say Harlow(her cousin) When Daddy dropped her off at Grandmas on Monday morning she walked in and said "Hi Harlow". Blueberries and strawberries rank at the top of her food list. This girl loves all meats and veggies, now that we are over our double ear infection she is back eating full force!

We got a tent with a tunnel the other day and it took all of 2mins for it to break(i guess that's what happens with a $20 tent) No fear Daddy rigged it back together.

Yes this tunnel causes many fights!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Random Stuff...

Today we decided to go check out the Hershey Gardens, of course since spring is nonexistent in these parts most of the seasonal flowers weren't in bloom yet but it was a sunny 50degrees and the gardens were free today so we picked up Grandma and headed out(only 5mins down the road).
Colin pinching the chickens beak. Lauren petting the piggy.
Colin was playing the wooden drum and in the backround Lauren and Grandma played the bells.
We drove a boat!
Checked out a cow, Colin mooed the whole time!
Played in a wigwam.
And checked out some flower roots, Colin really just enjoyed lifting up the lid! We followed the gardens up with lunch at Isaac's and now a nap!
Colin playing peekaboo behind the curtains, excuse his mismatched pj's!
Dancing in our diapers!

Both kids have snotty colds right now and Colin has his cough again but other then the snot and cough they are doing great. We go Friday for our late 15month appt. Our new favorite food is blueberries, they love them and chant blooo blooo blooo till they get some on their plates. They are really starting to try and repeat what we say so i guess its time to start paying attention to what we are saying...hope everyone had a great weekend!