Tuesday, March 31, 2009

7 things...

Dagny tagged me...
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Hmm, i'm so not an interesting person, so you'll all think i'm pretty weird after these.

1.When I was younger i had quite an obsession with tic tacs, one time i ate some many green tic tacs that i pooped green all day.

2. I get addicted to stupid reality tv shows, especially the trashy VH1 shows like Rock of Love.

3. I could live on any type of ethnic food, i seriously could eat it every night whether its Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese anyway you get the idea.

4. I love to snorkle, I have snorkled in Bermuda, Mexico, The Dominican, and Canada. Canada not being all that great but thats where i got my start. Bermuda being the best so far.

5. In the 4th grade i was seriously obsessed with Joey Macentire(sp) from New Kids on the Block, I had a poster beside my bed and i said goodnight to him every night.

6. When nobodys at home I talk to my cat like she is human and I swear she listens me.

7. I work in a dental office and the nastier somebody's teeth are, the more I like it!!

Ok I tag Heather, Jamie B, Kami, Jamie W, Roseann

Update on Snacks...shes doing much better, the vet lanced her abcess last night and she has improved 100% and for those of you wonder(Heather) she has indeed pooped!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Well $667 later we have a diagnosis. This morning i noticed a big lump on Snacks left cheek so when we got to the vet this morning I showed him. Of course this lump couldn't have been there yesterday when I took her because that would have saved me $300! Turns out she must have gotten bitten again, when I'm not sure since she rarely goes out and she is only out for about 5mins at a time but i suppose that's just enough time for the mean neighbor cat to get her. So anyway the vet needed another xray, yesterdays xray was of her abdomen and today it was of her skull. My poor girl got a needle shoved in her ear to check for puss and of course there was so she got a shot of antibiotics and i have some pills to shoved down her starting tomorrow and we are back to vet again Tuesday evening. So I ask about the poo issue and apparently since her jaw is so infected and hurts to eat/drink she hasn't been, therefore she is not pushing out her waste. I'm still not convinced my vet bills are over, I'm guessing she going to end up with an enema if she doesn't go to the bathroom soon. I mean the way i took it yesterday, she was really blocked up with poop now today he seems to think she will get rid of it herself, who knows? Anyway check out my Snacker baby's cheek, looks like she ate a golf ball!


Sorry its been so long but really nothing exciting has been going on, we are still in the waiting period. So let me catch you all up to date. All blood clotting tests have come back normal so no threat of more needles while doing this process! Although now that leaves me worrying that all my eggs have chromosome problems and yes i can get pregnant but can i actually keep the pregnancy. Having a blood clotting disorder would have a least made me have a good reason for the miscarriage and can be easily fix. So anyway i start my progesterone aka crotch pellets on Sunday and then we should be getting started in about 2.5weeks!

In other news because as usual we can't ever catch a break money wise, Luke's car needed $305 worth of brakes and rotors for inspections. In even sadder and more expensive news my cat Snacks is sick :-( I'm heartbroken and scared to death something might happen to her. For the last 2 days she hasn't been eating/drinking or using the litter box. She has been very lethargic and sleeping in bed all day and night. So last night off to the vet we went, it turns out she is full of shit, literally! It was crazy to see it all on the xray, so $390 later we are at home feeding her this gel laxative stuff and its still not working. The vet just called and said all her blood work is fine, I'm to give her another dose at 12pm and then if she doesn't poop we have to go back in and he will put her under and give her an enema for another $150. If that doesn't help then we are looking at surgery which we unfortunately just can't afford and really I don't want to put her through all that. I'm sitting here begging her to poop in the next 3hrs but she isn't listening to me. That's all for now, I'll update on Snacks condition later!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New information...

Well I'm back from my hystroscopy appt. Everything went well but they did find a good amount of scar tissue from my D&E so I guess it was a good idea to do it. Unfortunately I am now on estrogen for the next 28days to rebuild the parts of my lining that they clipped the scar tissue from. So once again my FET cycle is being pushed back and is most definitely interfering with our trip to Wisconsin. We are now looking at a mid-late April egg transfer. And of course because I'm me we got some results back on my blood tests. I have tested positive for the gene mutation called MTHFR!

What is MTHFR? Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) is the name of a gene that produces an enzyme, also called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. If a person carries the genetic mutation that inhibits production of this enzyme, it can result in hyperhomocytenemia, which is an elevated level of an enzyme called homocysteine found in blood plasma.
When the body is deficient in methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, its ability to absorb folate (also known as vitamin B9), such as folic acid, is inhibited. Folic acid and B9 are both essential to the development and health of the fetus.
MTHFR and Pregnancy. Because of a mother with MTHFR’s inability to efficiently metabolize folic acid and vitamin B9, the disorder has been linked to a variety of pregnancy complications such as chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down syndrome, and congenital malformations.
Elevated levels of homocysteine have been associated with placental disease, preeclampsia and recurrent pregnancy loss. 21% of women with high levels of homocysteine experience recurrent pregnancy loss.

Yay for me!! Now I am being prescribe additional folic acid and we are waiting for the rest of my blood clotting tests to come back. With this disorder I could or could not have a blood clotting disorder. If i do have a clotting problem I would be put on baby aspirin and heparin(which is a belly shot twice a day) the next time I get pregnant. I seriously have no idea why this is being made so so hard for me! At least I'm getting some answers!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Post...

Well I am seriously overdue for a happy blog post. I feel like my blog is constantly filled with negative things so here is one post about a really fun day. This past Friday, Heather and I attempted going to BounceU again. Last time we went was over Xmas break and it was crazy crowded. This time, it was perfect. We had a great time, no injuries and no mommy's going into labor(which i was seriously fearful that may happen considering she was only 11days away from her due date).

Crazy preggers Heather and the girls taking a ride down the giant slide and I'm pretty sure someone has some crazy pictures of me doing it too!
Brenna bouncing around in the obstacle course

Love the tongue out, she is in full concentration mode

Here they are bouncing around in the giant moon bounce which Mommy and I joined them in cause we are crazy!!

Brenna all pooped out!

Maura all pooped out also

And of course Mommy all pooped out!
Thanks for another fun Friday Tressler's, maybe we can squeeze one more in before baby T arrives!