Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm still alive...

Here I am the morning of the section and so ready to meet these babies! Of course once into the operating room I was scared to death and ask if i could change my mind and keep them in, of course that idea was shot down! I surprising lost my belly right away and I only need to loose another 5lbs and I'm back to pre-pregnancy weight..yay!!

Here I am meeting the babies for the first time, i was shaking so much i could barely hold them. It took a couple shots of pain meds in my IV to get me to stop shaking and calm down. I was not expecting the pain i felt after the spinal wore off, I was bleeding a lot and they had to push on my belly really hard to get my uterus to contract. Not fun but I feel much better now.

Colin are such a sleepy lazy baby during the day but at night you like to party. Your the only one who has let out some big screams to let us know you need us. You make the funniest faces that we call "milk drunk look". You hate being swaddled and you are so strong you bust out of your blankets, you don't know what to do with you hand and you constantly claw at your face. You hate your baths and getting your diaper changed you only make it hard on yourself because somehow you always pee out of you diaper and soak you clothes. You have managed to pee on both of us and all over you face too. Your favorite things right now are eating and sleeping in your bouncy seat. At your last check up all was well and you weighed 5lbs13oz. We love you so much even though you are such a handful!

Lauren are such a sweetheart and are so low maintenance. You are constantly smiling at us and you are so alert during the day. You love to just look all around and you especially love laying on Daddy's chest. I have never met a little girl who poos so much, I think you must take after Daddy. You think its so funny to wait for us to change you and then poop 2 mins later. You sleep very well at night and barely fuss at all I'm sure you would sleep hours longer at night if we didn't have to wake you up to feed you. You also love your bouncy seat and eating, I'm not sure there is to much you dislike right now, maybe getting your bath. At your last checkup all was great and you weighed 4lbs11oz. We love you very much our little stink!

Some tummy time with your cat snax's watching. She is not very happy about your presence in the house and this may be the closest she has gotten so far!

I found you two this way this morning, you both busted out of your blankets and were so hungry you were trying to eat each other.

Here is Grandma at Xmas with all 3 of her grandchildren. They are 17 days apart!

All the Xmas activity wore you 3 out so you decided to take a snooze together.

Cousin Harlow Jane, I'm sure she will always remind you she is 17 days older!

We got our must anticipated visitors the other day and both babies slept right through all the commotion. Here is Rowan with his new best friends.

Brenna and Maura checking out Lauren. Lauren can't wait to be big enough to hang out with the big girls!

After a long night I found Daddy passed out in the bed with Snax, poor kitty, not a good place for your face!

I am just so amazed that these 2 five day old blasts turned into...

2 beautiful babies!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

They're HERE!!!!

Colin James and Lauren Avery were welcomed into the world today (December 17, 2009) at 7:57 and 7:58 AM. Colin was 6#1oz, 18.5" and Lauren weighed in at 4#15oz and 18". Both Colin and his "little" sister are doing wonderful! Krisy is also doing really well and as expected, her and Luke are very proud and excited that their family has finally grown by two more!

Colin looks exactly like his mama and Lauren (according to Grandma Udelhoven) looks like Luke. It was definitely a special day for the whole family! I was lucky enough to share the excitement with the grandparents by waiting for the babies to be wheeled from the OR into the waiting area for us to meet them for the first time! Tears of joy were shed by all!!

About 10 minutes old. Lauren on the left, Colin on the right.

Krisy's Dad, Luke, his mom, and Krisy's mom

Proud Grandpop

Grandmom Udelhoven

Grandmom Ell

Big flashback to 3 years ago!!

Little Lauren's feetsies!!

Lauren Avery

Colin James

Proud Papa

The Udelhoven Family of Four
Congratulations!!!!!!! We are all so happy for you!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Blog Crasher!!

Just had to add some pictures that I took at my house when Krisy came to visit yesterday. It was the first time that the girls have seen her since we went to visit her in the hospital almost 2 months ago. The were a little shocked by how big her belly has grown since then! Poor Krisy may have a complex as their initial reaction was "gross" (I know) but they warmed up quickly and before we knew it they were begging to "kiss the babies"! Oh, and when asked, Krisy is having "a girl and a brother"...and she should name the babies "Baby Ro Ro" (aka one of their baby brother's many nicknames). Oh silly little girls.

Brenna, Maura and Krisy (love that little squat she's working there!)

Checking out that baby belly!

Goofy Girls

My personal Favorite.
Everyone now...Ahhhhhhhh!!
Maura landed the kiss to her new little buddies.

We can't wait to meet you!! We love you already!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Finally an update right from the source...

Quick update because I'm a lazy, sore and a miserably pregnant lady. I was taken off all my meds on Thursday evening and everyone expected me to go into labor within a few hours but here I sit 4 days later still with no action at least i'm home now! I'm up about 27lbs and its all belly which I'm happy about but it really makes for one sore sore belly. My belly is measuring 41weeks and I'm feeling every cm of that! Both babies are breech which ensures this is a c-section which is completely fine with me. The thought of pushing two kids out of my "whooie" scares me! Baby A our boy is on the bottom and at our last growth scan Friday at 34weeks his estimated weight was 5lbs6oz and our little girl who is jammed up under my ribs causing most of my misery is weighing 4lbs5oz. Good news is there is an end in sight, today we got to schedule our c-section so unless I go into labor their birthday will be 12/17/09 just 1 day shy of 36weeks. They are coming out earlier than normal due to a pregnancy induced liver condition i got call cholistasis. Why wouldn't I get that, I've had every other problem. I'm on meds for that now, its causes a bile build up in you skin which makes you very itchy, however in the last 3 days the meds have really kicked in and is helping with the itching. This condition can effect the babies which is why they are coming out early! Oh and I just wanted to thank Heather for keeping up with my blog while i couldn't access it...thanks my little sweetie the babies can't wait to meet you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quick Update

Krisy is doing well...she's still hanging in there. And yes, she's still in the hospital. She's almost 34 weeks (Friday) WOOHOO!!! She didn't even think she'd make it that far!! We're all so proud of her for hanging in there and keeping those babies healthy and thriving in her belly! On a side note, she's headed to mama-hood very soon... no date is set as of yet...perhaps that will be kept as a surprise. But I PROMISE to post as soon as those little miracles arrive. I am hoping to be right there in the waiting room (unless I can sneak my way into the delivery room but I don't think I can pull that off!) on the big day.

Keep the healthy baby vibes coming!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

31 Week Post

This was sent to me straight from the mama herself. Since she can't update her blog, I am still posting for her but here is a picture and update! Keep sending healthy baby and mama vibes her way!

How far along- 31 weeks

Weight Gain- 20lbs, I am all babies!!

Maternity Clothes- Just wearing pj's and the pants are tighter and the shirts are getting shorter

Sleep- Sucks, my back hurts all the time and hospital beds suck

Best Moment- Seeing my friend Heather and Mika's babies, they are hospital bedrest buddies

Movement- I feel them everyday but they are running out of room fast

Cravings- right now a blt sounds good but i'm eating a grilled cheese

Adversions- anything that comes on the hospital tray!

Sickness- hmm i'm sick with bordom


Labor signs- all the time but under control

Belly Button- the top part is out and he bottom is flat and it is so sore!

What I miss- My cat, my house, my bed, my friends, everything that exists outside the hospital

What I'm looking forward to- Getting out of here and getting the babies out of me!

Milestones- That I have made it 7.5weeks since I went into labor

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Picture Update at 29 weeks

Oh yeah...our bedrested mama sent some pictures!!!

We have the front and side view of her 29 week belly:

The prize winning kitty cat Halloween pumpkin:

And some sexy stockings to prevent blood clots:

(notice those fancy red toes!!)
Fridays are Krisy's "group meals" with the other mama's on the floor who are in the same boat. Also, when I called the other night, her and Luke were hanging out in a common area with another couple. Sounds like she's making some friends to keep her occupied while in hospital jail. Also, I forgot to mention this before in my last update, but Krisy also was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It's very common with having to be on the tributaline drip as it spikes blood sugars. The good news is that it goes away when the babies come out. She reports that her sugars are within a good range when they check her (four times a day!) and they are just controlling it with diet. Just another fun thing to add to her voyage towards being a mama! It's worth it Krisy, I SWEAR!!!

We miss you, Krisy!!!!!! Hang in there!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More on Krisy

Well, Krisy has her laptop in hand, however, the wifi doesn't allow her to access her blog to update (or see pics). She is online and can check emails so if you leave her a message here, she can read it or email her! I'm sure she'd appreciate it!

So, an update straight from Krisy:

"The babies are doing great and are practicing their breathing and hiccuping all the time.
Boy weighs 2lbs14oz and girl is 2lbs5oz. Cervix is basically nonexistant but my contractions are under control with a terbutaline pump installed in my thigh."

And an update from ME:
Krisy gets to do activities with the other moms who are on hospital bedrest. Today was pumpkin painting!! And guess what, she WON the pumpkin painting contest! She and 3 other moms painted their pumpkins and then the nurses took the pumpkins up to the next floor for them to be judged. Krisy's got the most votes. She said she painted a cat. I'm so excited to see a picture of her masterpiece! As soon as she gets a camera at the hospital, she promises to send me some pictures to update on here.

Okay, keep the healthy baby vibes coming!!!!! More to come soon!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update on Krisy

Krisy is in the hosptial for the long run. The doctors have told her that if she makes it to 34 weeks, then they'll let her go home. So now she sits, at only 27 weeks, on bedrest in a hospital bed. The good news is that she's being watched very carefully!! Yesterday she started to have contractions again and luckily they caught it quickly and started her on a medicine that worked to stop them. She's hoping (if she hasn't already) to get moved into a private room soon. At that point, she'll be able to link up to wifi. Keep those healthy baby vibes and prayers coming!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

She's Back

In the hospital that is. Guest Blogger, Aunt Sweetie here. Krisy went in today for a check-up, and as she predicted, she is moving herself back into a room at the hospital. The doctor said that her uterus is "irritable" and the medicine isn't working anymore. Luckily though, she's not contracting! The doctor did check and said she is "about 1 cm" but anyone out there who has had a kid knows, that doesn't mean much.

She thinks she's in there for the long-run. It's definitely good that she's being monitored but it's still hard not to be in your own house. Think happy, healthy baby thoughts and send them her way!!!! I'll post more when I hear more!!!!

Oh, and p.s. Have you seen those maternity shots??!!! GREAT JOB, AMY!!!!!! Wow, Krisy is one HOT MAMA!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maternity Proofs...

The proofs are ready, now how am I going to pick. Hopefully after tomorrows Dr's appt I'll be coming home(although i'm not hopeful) so I will be able to pick them because there is no internet access in the hospital unless I get moved to a long term room. Those of you that know what to do the password is 1021KU, those of you that don't know what to do, email me for access! Thanks Amy for an awesome job and no i don't mind the surgery scars showing, they got me to where I am!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm still here...

First off I just want to thank Heather for updating my blog when i wasn't able too, sorry it took me so long to update. So far things are going well, we have made it 2 weeks longer into this pregnancy as of today. I never expected i wouldn't be coming home after my 24week growth scan, i also had no idea i was contracting pretty frequently. After 6 days in the hospital I was finally sent home on bed rest and I now take an oral med called procardia(sp) every 6 hrs to relax my uterus and so far its working. We had an appt at MFM on Tuesday and my cervix hadn't changed, it was stable, in fact it actually grew a tiny amount so thankfully i was sent back home. Bed rest is quite challenging, for those that know me personally I'm sure its hard to imagine me having to just lay around all day but I know i have to do it for these babies!!
Those are bed rest couch marks, not stretchmarks!!

How Far Along? 26weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 18lbs, i lost a few lbs while in the hospital and I'm sure I'm loosing muscle weight now.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, except now I'm just wearing pj's all day.

Sleep? sometimes good, sometimes bad, just laying around all day makes sleeping hard

Best Moment of the Week? My appt on Tuesday and seeing my that babies are doing great and my cervix was holding steady and grew a tiny bit.

Movement- its crazy in there now!

Food Craving- nothing really, laying around makes it hard to eat

Food aversions- nope

Morning sickness?-Nope

Gender- Still one of each!

Labor Signs- unfortunately yes but its so far under control

Belly Button- its flat!

What I miss- the freedom of walking around, going to work, shopping just doing normal things

What I'm looking forward to- My next Dr's appt to make sure things are still doing well

Weekly Wisdom- everyday makes them 1 day stronger!

Milestones- getting to 26weeks, its been 2 weeks since I started with my preterm labor!

Well unfortunately i missed my own baby shower, it was the day after I was put in the hospital, i heard it was very nice!! Luke went in my place and didn't open up any presents without me. After getting home from the hospital we finally got to open all the gifts, we were absolutely amazed at how generous our friends and family were, there is barely anything that we need to go get for these babies. Here are some pics of all the presents in the babies room, I'm dying to be able to sort through it all and set up the nursery but that will probably be awhile. This wasn't even all the presents, On Sunday that week my most amazing friend Heather set up a little shower and a couple friends surprised me by coming over to keep me company for awhile! Alright, time to get back to bed, I'll update again as soon as I can!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pics and Update

Krisy is home from the hospital and on strict bedrest...look for a post from her soon!

Check out a sneak preview of her maternity session with Amy!

Isn't she one hot mama???!!!

Okay, guest blogger out!

Aunt Sweetie

Monday, September 28, 2009

Guest Blogger Here...Update on Krisy

If you have been wondering where Krisy is, see below. I have also included another update at the bottom of the post as of today, Oct 28th. So for those of you follow my blog (Tressler Twins), scroll down to the bottom to see what's going on now. For those of you who don't...start here:

This first part was written on Friday, Oct 25th
Krisy is in L&D. She went in this morning for a routine 24 week check-up with her high-risk doc and she was having contractions. They sent her to the hospital to got hooked up on the monitors and the babies are doing great. Her blood pressure is good and they started her on Terbutaline to stop the contractions. She had two doses, was given another drug, and some IV fluids and the contractions considerably decreased. They also decided to give her a dose of steroids (just in case) for the babies (it will help increase the maturity and function of immature fetal lungs). She has been admitted so she's staying the night and she needs get another dose of steroids within a 24 hour period.

To top it off, her shower is tomorrow! She sounds like she's keeping positive but I know she's terrified. AND totally bummed that she might miss her baby shower! Please send prayers and positive thoughts for her and those babies! Krisy is 24 weeks and it's just a little too early for them to arrive! I'll keep you posted (I really hope she doesn't mind that I posted this but I thought that she needed the support!).

Krisy will be staying overnight and was just started on Mag Sulfate. Not a pretty drug. Actually it's pretty nasty (I was on this for 24 hours when I delivered the twins). Basically it means she'll be on it for 24 hours and will not be able to attend her shower. Luke will attend and open a few gifts but we'll have to celebrate her and those babies when she gets out!!! Keep sending those prayers for healthy babies!!!!!

***Oct 28th UPDATE
Krisy spent the weekend on the L& D floor of the hospital. She was on Mag Sulfate until yesterday (and man was she loopy!). The babies were on the monitors the whole time and doing great! Her blood pressure is normal (I saw her get it checked today, so I know it's true!). She was moved to the maternity floor this afternoon as she hasn't had any contractions for 24 hours. She reports that she has an "irritable uterus." Therefore the girl is on bedrest. She's allowed to get up to use the bathroom but that's about it. She's seriously bored. If you know her, forcing her do NOTHING is TORTURE! When I saw her this afternoon, she still hadn't seen the doctor so there is no news on discharge but I promise to update as soon as I get more info! Please continue to keep her and those babies in your prayers.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

22 Weeks...

Wow, I'm sitting here looking at this picture and I look fat and huge!! Oh well its all for a good thing, well 2 good things. We had our biweekly cervix check this Friday and so far so good. It measured at 3.4 not that, that means anything to me but apparently anything over 2.5 is good so we are happy! I was pleasantly surprised to get a quick abdominal u/s as well to see the babies and both are still doing well, good heart rates(142bpm for both) and great fluid and I made them once again confirm the sexes and they are still boy/girl!

How Far Along? 22weeks
Total Weight Gained/Loss? +17-18lbs
Maternity Clothes: for sure
Sleep? not to bad except for the constant backaches
Best Moment of the Week? knowing that my cervix is still holding strong and seeing the babies again.
Movement- some days more than others, I love to watch my stomach jiggle some nights!
Food Craving- nothing specific just love to eat!!
Food aversions- nope
Morning sickness?-Nope
Gender- Still one of each!
Labor Signs- not yet
Belly Button- getting flatter, my lap scar is now on the outside!
What I miss- not having heartburn
What I'm looking forward to- Our 24week growth scan can't wait to see more 3D pics
Weekly Wisdom- hmm I've got nothing this morning
Milestones- Getting closer and closer to vitality!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

20weeks, a little late...

Lets reminisce, here is me at 8weeks when I thought i had a little pooch!
Look at me now, here it is in all its glory...I had a regular OB appt yesterday evening and I was 20w3d at the time and my belly measured 26weeks. Glad to know those two babies are growing strong!

How Far Along? 20 weeks
Total Weight Gained/Loss? +14lbs
Maternity Clothes: definitely
Sleep? Sometimes good, sometimes awful
Best Moment of the Week? Finding out the genders and knowing that both babies look healthy.

Movement- Feeling them everyday now a couple times a day. Usually around 7pm there is a party in my uterus.

Food Craving- nothing i can think of, just food in general.
Food aversions- Tomato's

Morning sickness?-Nope
Gender- Boy and a Girl!!!

Labor Signs- no but terrified of it happening.

Belly Button- still and innie

What I miss- breathing easy and not getting winded by walking to far.

What I'm looking forward to- stronger kicks and our next growth scan.

Weekly Wisdom- carry heartburn meds in your purse!!

Milestones- Having 2 healthy babies with no signs of any problems!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meet the babies...

Lets see, where do I begin...well as you all know I was scared shit less going to this u/s. I literally could have crapped my pants with nerves/excitement. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome. It all started with me meeting up with an old friend, the "dildo cam". It had been awhile but is was just like and old friend its like we were never apart. They checked my cervix to make sure it was holding long and strong and I'm happy to report with her exact comments, "its like steel" She even pressed really hard on my belly for a min and measured it again to make sure it stayed put. After that we got onto the good stuff. Baby A was first and he is laying closest to my cervix and is laying across my belly. All measurements were perfect for him and his heart was pumping beautifully. He weighed in at 13oz's. Of course he was moving like crazy the entire time and the u/s tech decided he was going to be full of drama because his little hand kept resting up again his forehead. Unfortunately we couldn't get any good 3D shots of his because his kept putting his head down to his knees. Here is the best profile shot of our little man!

This pics a little naughty but he is definitely all boy! Look close and you can see the cursor pointing his boy parts out.
So onto Baby B who much to our shock was a little girl, we never expected one of each we were just so sure they would be same sex. She didn't move as much and all her parts measured perfect as well. She weighted in at 11oz's. She is laying across the top of my belly and would be the little culprit that keeps me from breathing well. However she is already being picked on by her brother, the entire time she was repeatedly getting kicked in her face by him. At one point she even put her little hands up to protect her face. We got that shot on the DVD they gave us and every time we go we bring the DVD back and they add to it, I love this place! Here is our sweet little girl getting kicked in the face!

Here she is all snuggled up, i can't wait to see the changes in 4weeks!

So of course knowing the sexes now, I couldn't' resist a trip to the local Carters outlet and found these and they were buy one get one! I can sense that this is going to become a habit, its so hard not to spend all my money on clothes!

I'll be back on in a few days to update with a 20week belly shot and the rest of the 20week stats!!