Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today was transfer day, I have seriously waited for like 3.5months for this day to get here, i thought it never would arrive. According to Dr Fiedler everything with the transfer went perfect, there wasn't one thing that would have made it go any better. The first straw of two thawed out perfect and they looked textbook perfect as well. Without further ado I present to you our two beautiful snow babies:

This was taken while they were still thawing so at transfer time they actually
looked a lot more bubbly, they just needed to rehydrate, you can see the one on the left
is starting to bubble out! Their so cute, so who do you think they resemble, Me or Luke!
This is the actually straw/catheter they were frozen in, its crazy how tiny the opening of the straw is!

Here I am post transfer wearing my fabulous good luck socks sent to me from a great organization called Fertility Socks
So when will I find out if this worked and I'm pregnant?...well unfortunately you will have to wait to find out, that date is confidential!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moving right along...

Had another appointment today, nothing interesting, just some blood work. Everything is right on track and progressing well. E2 level is still in the 600's, tonight's another shot night and we are still just injecting 3.5mg of estrogen. Tonight also starts my terazol cream, think something just like yeast infection cream(yuck) its basically just making sure no infections end up ruining this cycle. I do this for the next 5 nights and starting tomorrow night the dreaded PIO(progesterone in oil) starts, hopefully the olive oil will work much better and no itchy welts will form. Apparently the olive oil is much more concentrated so you inject less so that's good but still the same big scary sized needle! I'm back in again Tuesday morning for an E2 and P4 check and the transfer is Wed morning. I hope my babies survive the thaw, i guess at least 1 out of the 9 will make it right???? They only thaw out 2 at a time so lets pray the 1st 2 survive and I'll still have 7 on ice!

In non infertility related news...Since we couldn't go on our planned vacation this week because of all the monitoring we took a day trip to the Baltimore aquarium and then had a late lunch at a cute Irish pub over looking the harbor and its was a perfect day to sit out on the deck and enjoy the view! Here are a few pics from the trip.

Scary Sharks
Cute little seahorse.
No clue what this fish is really called, i call
him the kisser fish because he followed me around
the tank trying to kiss me!

These birds were in the Australia exhibit the had there.

We got to see a pretty cool dolphin show

Who can resist a self-portrait when your wearing such
cool 3D glasses, loved this movie but don't take
small children, water sprays in your face, things grab you ankles
and stuff pokes out the back of your seat!

Monday, April 20, 2009

You have a very beautiful uterus...

That's what Dr Fiedler told me today, thankfully one part of my reproductive system works well! This morning I had my CD 12 ultrasound and blood work. My E2 level went from 244 to 664. My uterus lining is looking wonderful according to my Dr. Its at 9mm and anything over 7mm is good and we still have about a week to go so it can only get better. Tonight is another injection night and we are lower the estrogen dose from 4mg to 3.5mg and I'm back in Thursday morning for some more blood work. As long as things are still looking good then I get to start the progesterone which is exciting yet not because its another butt shot. This time around we are trying the PIO in olive oil rather then sesame since I got a rash the last time. I finally have a tentative ET(egg transfer) date of 4/29...9 days to go, I'm so so excited. For my IRL(in real life) friends please remember to keep this information to yourselves, there are only a select few of you that know about this blog and all my appt dates and we would like to keep this cycle quiet therefore avoiding a million phone calls on beta day. And since I never have any fun pics to post here is my pretty little girl feeling much better and soaking up the beautiful weather we had this weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was called out...

by Jamie W :-), yes my appointment was yesterday. I just had really nothing exciting to report but I'll fill you all in anyway. All I had to do was give some blood, no ultrasound, I was shocked this is way way easier then a fresh cycle. My estrogen is rising nicely, it went from 25 to 244. My next shot is Friday night, I up the dose from 3mg to 4mg and I'm back on Monday morning. Monday I will have an ultrasound and some more blood work. Everything still looks like transfer is on sometime during the last week of April, I still don't know an exact date. So this was my boring post, more to come Monday and Yay...I'm off work for the next 10days, I hope this beautiful weather stays the whole time. Unfortunately I'm not doing or going anywhere fun, we had a trip planned to Wisconsin but I'm stuck being monitored all week! Have a good weekend everyone!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

After 3months of waiting...

I finally am getting to start my FET(frozen embryo transfer) cycle!!!! I can't even describe how excited i am to get started. I had my baseline ultrasound and estrogen check this morning. You know how I love a visit of the vag cam on day 3, so nasty! Everything checks out, no cysts and my E2 level was 25. Tonight I start with 2mg of estrogen injections and i only have to take the shot every third day yay! Tuesday night I'm bumped up to 3mg and I have another ultrasound and E2 check Wed morning! Dr Fiedler wasn't in this weekend so i won't know an actually ET(egg transfer) date until my appt on Wed but its looking like transfer will be anywhere from 4/26-4/30. Here's hoping we are blessed with a Jan 2010 baby!!!