Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meet the babies...

Lets see, where do I begin...well as you all know I was scared shit less going to this u/s. I literally could have crapped my pants with nerves/excitement. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome. It all started with me meeting up with an old friend, the "dildo cam". It had been awhile but is was just like and old friend its like we were never apart. They checked my cervix to make sure it was holding long and strong and I'm happy to report with her exact comments, "its like steel" She even pressed really hard on my belly for a min and measured it again to make sure it stayed put. After that we got onto the good stuff. Baby A was first and he is laying closest to my cervix and is laying across my belly. All measurements were perfect for him and his heart was pumping beautifully. He weighed in at 13oz's. Of course he was moving like crazy the entire time and the u/s tech decided he was going to be full of drama because his little hand kept resting up again his forehead. Unfortunately we couldn't get any good 3D shots of his because his kept putting his head down to his knees. Here is the best profile shot of our little man!

This pics a little naughty but he is definitely all boy! Look close and you can see the cursor pointing his boy parts out.
So onto Baby B who much to our shock was a little girl, we never expected one of each we were just so sure they would be same sex. She didn't move as much and all her parts measured perfect as well. She weighted in at 11oz's. She is laying across the top of my belly and would be the little culprit that keeps me from breathing well. However she is already being picked on by her brother, the entire time she was repeatedly getting kicked in her face by him. At one point she even put her little hands up to protect her face. We got that shot on the DVD they gave us and every time we go we bring the DVD back and they add to it, I love this place! Here is our sweet little girl getting kicked in the face!

Here she is all snuggled up, i can't wait to see the changes in 4weeks!

So of course knowing the sexes now, I couldn't' resist a trip to the local Carters outlet and found these and they were buy one get one! I can sense that this is going to become a habit, its so hard not to spend all my money on clothes!

I'll be back on in a few days to update with a 20week belly shot and the rest of the 20week stats!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dying to know....

Just a quick update, i'll put pics up tomorrow. I'm enhausted and short on time right now!

Baby A is a.....


Baby B is a...


Sunday, August 23, 2009

5 more days...

So Friday is the big day and I'm completely excited and terrified! Please please please let there still be 2 babies in there and let them be OK. My number 1 fear this whole pregnancy is going in for an u/s and finding out one of the babies didn't make it, i know i need help! Of course I also don't want there to be anything wrong with either of them but i can handle any problems, i just want them to be alive. Oh my other fear is that my cervix is shorten and i'll be put on bedrest and have the babies way to early and they will either die or be in the NICU. Ugh why am I so psycho crazy...i blame infertility, my previous miscarriage and that i read to many other blogs where they have had unfortunate things happen to them.

I have definitely started to feel movement over the last 1.5 weeks, especially on the right side near my belly button. I few times the thumps were so big I could feel them with my hand and one night even Luke got to feel them. They aren't consistent yet and I mainly feel it when I'm sitting quietly at night on the couch after dinner. The definite love the nachos from The Wick, that was the night we got the hardest kicks!! mmmm nachos i could eat them right now!

This week I pretty sure my uterus is growing fast. I have been having that achy feeling and occasional stabs of pain that i refer to as crotch lightning and my belly has started to take off! Sorry no pics, I'll get some up next weekend.

Anyway I'm taking your guessing as to what the sexes of the babies are, sorry no prizes but I'm must curious what everyone things. Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl, or Boy/Girl let me know in my comments section!

Friday, August 14, 2009

18 weeks...

How Far Along? 18 weeks
Total Weight Gained/Loss? +10lbs
Maternity Clothes: definitely
Sleep? I love sleep!!!
Best Moment of the Week? Feeling a really strong kick the other day!
Movement- One big kick but mostly really slight movement at night, still no enough to make me say that's definitely the babies.
Food Craving- changes daily, it was taco bell, then orange sherbet, who knows whats next.
Food aversions- Meat and tomato's
Morning sickness?-Nope but i do get awful hot flashes
Gender- 2 more weeks
Labor Signs- nope
Belly Button- getting more shallow
What I miss- my nose being unstuff and being able to breath easy
What I'm looking forward to- finding out the genders and more definitive movement.
Weekly Wisdom-don't over eat, its so uncomfortable
Milestones- no clue, i guess just getting the babies room more and more ready!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick post...

So today I'm sitting at the lunch table at work talking with my 2 coworkers when all of a sudden I was kicked right below the belly button. Well either kicked or punched, there is no doubt in my mind what it was. For the past 2 weeks I've been feeling little flutters and bubbles popping but I always just 2nd guess myself and say it must be something else. Not today, the funny thing was I was talking about all the delicious stuff I was craving at the moment and it was like the baby said, 'Hey stop talking about it and get us some!" Now I'm anxiously waiting for it to happen again!