Friday, December 31, 2010

A loss in the blog world...

I just wanted to post a quick note about a blogger loss. Blogs were/are so very important to me while I was going through infertility and even now reading parenting/twin blogs. One of the most amazingly funny and down to earth bloggers Jenn suffered a terrible loss. Please stop over and give her some support. Jenn i'm so sorry for the loss of Evelyn and I will continue to pray that Ainsley stays strong!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 Months...

Well I'm a week late at getting this post done, we were just so busy with Xmas and Birthdays! Its so hard to believe that a year has past already. This by far has been the most challenging, life changing year of our lives. I wouldn't trade all of the hard times this year for anything, these two have make our lives complete and happy. I was taught a great lesson in patience not only in getting pregnant but staying pregnant and making it through the 1st year with twins, they have made me a better person!

Colin James aka Booders

  • You are soooo all boy, you won't sit still for 1 second and get into everything.
  • You love opening and closing doors of any kind.
  • You are master crawler but are still working on standing without holding on, you cruise around holding onto anything you can
  • You love shoes and can even say shooozzz
  • You love to look at books, if Mommy says go get a book you crawl over to the shelf and pick one out
  • You are much more verbal then your sister, Mama, Dada and plenty of other sounds.
  • You love your Aunt Cassie's dog Melvin and he love you
  • You are a great eater and still love mandarin oranges, we are still working on that sippy cup
  • You wear size 12-18month clothing and size 3 diaper but about to be size 4 as soon as we run out of 3's
  • You have 7 teeth
  • You are a Mama's boy and I love it

Lauren Avery aka Baby Girl

  • DRAMA, that's what you are!
  • When you get mad you let us know it, you actually yell at us in your own really cute way and its hard not to laugh
  • You are the 1st to walk out of the 3 of you(cousin Harlow included) you started walking at 11months, its still not your main mode of transportation but each day you walk more and more and are getting more confident.
  • You love your shoes, in fact you have to be holding a certain pair of your soft brown shoes while you drink you bottle.
  • You love our kitty snax and shriek with excitement when she walks into the room and you are so gentle with her.
  • You eat great, you are what we call a shoveler you act like someone may steal your food and your right Colin would if he could reach it! Mandarin oranges are you favorite also.
  • You love to show us where are noses are and you have a lovely new habit of picking yours but you pick it so hard it makes you cry!
  • 2 days before your 1st Bday you got your 2 bottom front teeth(finally!)
  • You wear size 9-12months clothing and size 3 diapers, soon to be 4's.
  • You have turned into a Mama's girl lately and I love it!

Getting ready for your bday dinner, mmm pizza!

Booders cheezin for the Camera

He was an expert cake eater, it was demolished in 1minute!

Eeeh not so much into the stickiness(just like her Aunt Heather)

Nobody liked the Bday hats :-(

Daddy and Booders

My sister and I with the 3 cousins

Grandma got us a wagon for our Birthday and we had to test it out!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Colin and Lauren's 1st Year

Well this is to hold you over till the 1yr post, because i'm an awesome mom I forgot to check my camara battery and it died after the 1st picture during their party :-( If anyone out there has a spare 10mins here is the video we played at the party!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Xmas Card...

To all those that didnt receive a real copy...Merry Christmas!!

So my babies are 1 today, holy crap time moves to fast...1year post and bday party pictures to come sometime this weekend!