Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As usually despite all the horrible outcomes I had imagined for this appointment, everything is going perfectly. Both heart rates are good and both grew exactly a weeks worth. The past 2 days the babies didn't like my first meal of the day and I was throwing it up 5mins after finishing it. Come one, who doesn't like fruity pebbles(total pregnancy craving)!

B decided to make an appearance this time, measuring 10w2d's, she was wiggling around like crazy!

Here is A, who was doing flip flops, I can't wait to feel this. She measured 11weeks!
Baby A decided to show Mommy and Daddy its muscle!!
Oh and when I refer to the babies as he or she, I do not know sexes it just sounds better than "it".

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Belly Pics...

I'm really didn't think anything had changed in the last 2 weeks with my belly until I saw the pictures together. I'm convinced its still not the babies and just bloat but who knows!

8 Weeks
10 Weeks

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby A is a camera hog...

Today was another u/s day, I'm really going to miss my weekly u/s when they end and that time is approaching fast!! Monday and Tuesday these two little babies had me feeling awful and i was good all weekend and then bam! I wake up Monday morning puking. Today they have given me a much needed break, I didn't even gag once! Both babies are still doing well, Baby A was measuring 2 days ahead at 10weeks and being quite a camera hog and blocking his bro/sis from being viewed very well. "A" had a heart rate of 164bpm. Baby B, who is being pushed behind baby A was measuring 9w2d with a heart rate of 166bpm. Still no concerns for B because he/she is growing a weeks worth each time.

Here are both of them, its getting harder and harder to get them both in view! "A" is on top.
Here is the best we could do for "B" poor thing I hope he/she isn't mad she being left out.

Baby A as we now call T-Rex, I think that's what it looks like. Check out those cute arms and legs!

T-Rex's cute little dangling legs, we think it looks like frog legs! I can't believe something in my stomach has little legs like that.
More and more I'm starting to think that this could really happen for us and we will get some take home babies!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So far so good, I'm actually starting to get optimistic here! Both babies had perfect growth from last week. Yesterday they were being really mean to me and making me throw up all day but today they decided to give me a break and only make me constantly hungry! 3 more weeks till I get released from Dr Fiedler and I can breath a big sigh of relief! 4 more weeks of butt shots :-(

B is on the left A is on the right
Here is baby A, it kept moving during the u/s so the picture isn't as clear but its measuring 8w6d and had a HR of 171

B is just chilling waving to us with its little arm bud. B measures 8w2d with a HR of 164

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Babies...

Dear Babies...Please stop scaring your Mommy and Daddy like you did on Friday. Looking back I'm sure you were just stretching, growing and burrowing in further but those cramps you gave me scared the crap out of me. I spent the last 5 days being so worried I was loosing one of you or even both. Please stay put at least another 28 weeks, your more then welcome to stay longer if you please. Love, Your Mom and Dad

After seeing today's ultrasound and seeing everything is still perfect I have promised everyone I'd stop thinking negatively about this pregnancy. I've decided to stop worrying and enjoy being pregnant and I suppose I'm realizing you don't have to have symptoms while pregnant, even when your carrying twins. Hopefully someone out there will find this blog and stop worrying that they are pregnant and have no symptoms. Its ok, just consider yourself lucky! Ok onto the good stuff, today i am 7 weeks 5 days pregnant.

Here is a pic of both babies in view

Here is Baby A measuring 7w6d with a HR of 164bpm
A actually was moving a little during the u/s.

Baby B measuring 7w1d with a HR of 157bpm.
B is still looking good and its growth from last week was perfect!