Monday, January 17, 2011


Sometimes I don't realize how much they have grown until I look at these monthly pictures. These two are crazy, they are into everything they can get into, toilet paper, cat food anything in an unlocked drawer. They both are constantly taking off their socks and chewing on them. Lauren can routinely be seen walking around with a sock hanging out of her month. Someday I'm hoping Colin can go about his day bib less, I'm hoping before kindergarten he will learn to close his mouth and stop all that crazy drooling. They are still great eaters although they are becoming more picky each day, something they loved 2 days ago is no longer good today. Fruit is still their favorite, bananas for Lauren, oranges for Colin. Both of had miserable colds for the last month, Colin just finished antibiotics for an ear infection. The snot and coughs did temporarily go away only to return 3 days later for both of them. I've come to terms with the fact that for the next probably 2 months of winter we will all be miserable! These two test our patience daily but the good sure outweighs the bad!
  • He weighs 20lbs15oz(17%) and is 30inches(46%)
  • He says Mama, Dada, shoes, moose(he loves that nick jr moose), moos like a cow and says tickle tickle tickle
  • He can point to your nose and ears
  • Still only crawling but walks holding on to anything and everything, I've found him walking down the hall supported by his dirty laundry basket.
  • LOVES LOVES LOVES books, that's all he wants to do is read books and he loves to turn the page, its hard to read the story sometimes because the page is turning so fast.


  • Weighs 18lbs(5%) and is 27inches(5%)
  • She is less verbal and only says dada, mama(very rare) and fish(she loves the picture of a fish in one of her books)
  • She can point to your nose, ears and show you her belly
  • She is exclusively walking now and has been for a few weeks, in fact shes running and has acquired many bumps, cuts and bruises.
  • She is quite the book lover too, we have so many toys and all they want is their books, which is good!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Xmas pictures...

Christmas Eve was spent at Grammy and Grampy's house. Neither one of them really got the whole present concept this year, I'm sure next year will be totally different!

Colin thought this sweater was so nice he should eat it!

Melvin getting in on the Xmas fun...I see a dog in our future, the kids love him!

Lauren and her rocking cowboy boots!

Our tree Xmas Eve!

The best pose I could get Xmas morning.

Then we were off to Grandma's for Xmas day.

Grandma tried to recreate last years Xmas picture, Harlow wasn't having it!

Xmas 2009...I can't believe how small they were!

Lauren is terrified of all the dolls she got for Xmas, good thing Colin likes them...future blackmail??

Just throwing a picture in of her super cute pony tail!