Friday, September 23, 2011

I've got nothing...

We have been laying low the last few weeks and haven't done anything terribly exciting unless you call going through the worst flood our area has seen in 40yrs exciting! I'm finally getting around to posting a few of my favorite 18month photos we had done in July.

Miss Lidia turned 1 a few weeks ago and we got to play on her new bounce house that we hope we get to play in a whole lot more!

Everyone sitting nicely for dinner except Lauren who choose to stand.

We finally got to meet Elyse(i hope i spelled that right) and had fun playing in the sandbox together even though our Mommies hate the sandbox!

Aaah the flood, what else is there to do when its been raining for days and our basement is flooding, go out in play in the water that is pumping like a geyser out of our basement! Lets not mention the ear infections and the bee stings that also occured all at the same time.

This is right down street from our house

Here is a close up picture, the water was over the roof of the 711

This was the entrance to the nature trail down the street.

All and all we lucked out and only lost our 1970's style finished basement, so many of my neighbors lost their entire homes, the devastation in our area is terrible, this has made me quite scared of rain now, how ridiculous is that, you just never realize how much damage water can do until you live through it.

On a happier note this is our favorite way to spend a Friday morning!