Friday, July 31, 2009


This was actually a mess up photo that turned out looking cool!
Sorry about the exposed undies!

Ahhh I finally made it to the 4th month! We had an appointment Wednesday with the mid-wife at our OB's office, we really liked her, she was great. Despite all my begging for an u/s she said no! We did get to hear both heartbeats on the doppler, she found them much easier than I had been finding them. I was never sure if I was getting two different beats or not. When she first walked in I started warning her what an infertile freak I am about these babies and how I was scared that one of the babies had died. She took one look at my stomach and said"umm no way, there is two in there." My belly actually measured 20weeks instead of 15w5d which i really was. I now have a 4 week wait until the much anticipated gender scan!!! OK onto the stats:

How Far Along? 16 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 4lbs

Maternity Clothes: definitely

Sleep? Not so great lately, not sure why.

Best Moment of the Week? Knowing for sure there are still 2 babies in there.

Movement- I think I have felt some fluttering here and there, very exciting!

Food Craving- nothing really specific, I have been on a grasshopper cookie kick(those are like thin mints)

Food aversions- Meat is still not that appealing.

Morning sickness?-Nope, thank god!

Gender- still waiting...Aug 28th

Labor Signs- god no!

Belly Button- still an innie but looks a lot more shallow

What I miss- sandwiches and wine

What I'm looking forward to- finding out the genders and more definitive movement.

Weekly Wisdom-sorry my brain is mush, i don't' have any.

Milestones- Making it to the 4th months, almost half way there!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

14 weeks...

Well I officially have made it into the 2nd trimester. I'm more and more starting to believe that after 3yrs of trying this may actually be happening. Of course I still have my daily fears of this being taken away and am still doing extensive analysis of my TP after every bathroom trip and I know I'm not the only IF person out there doing this still!!!! So here is my belly in all its glory, I was actually shocked when I saw this picture, I knew it was growing but man I look 20 weeks pregnant!!

Since making to my 2nd trimester I have decided to start documenting a little bit and have stolen this idea from a few of the blogs I read:
How Far Along? 14weeks1day

Total Weight Gained/Loss? Up 2lbs just in the last week, I hope this isn't a pattern.
Maternity Clothes: definitely need the bella band but today I'm going out to officially buy some!
Sleep? Great, better then I ever have!
Best Moment of the Week? Getting my doppler and hearing the heartbeats whenever I want.
Movement- nothing yet and I'm dying for this to happen

Food Craving- yesterday was the salmon teriakyi(sp) salad at the Wick so we went and it was off the menu!!! For the most part it has been Subway subs and I'm to afraid to eat them.
Food aversions- meat, although I do manage to eat it.
Morning sickness?- I think its finally gone, its been over a week since the last puke!
Gender- anxiously awaiting to find out, hopefully boy/girl.
Labor Signs- god no! I would have a heart attack.
Belly Button- innie

What I miss- subway subs and an alcoholic drink here and there!
What I'm looking forward to- finding out the genders and movement.

Weekly Wisdom- hmm...just keep believing this is going to work out!

Milestones- Making it to the 2nd trimester and knowing the m/c risk has gone down significantly!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

13 Weeks...

Today was my 1st normal pregnant girl OB appt. I felt weird being there, i still feel like i don't belong. Everything went very well though, I really loved my new Dr. He answered all my questions like its totally normal that i still haven't gained any weight. I will start seeing a high risk OB around 20weeks. I ask him when my next u/s would be and he said 20weeks...i think my mouth dropped open, how can you make an infertile girl wait that long. I've had one every week since I was pregnant and now I have to wait 7weeks. Well I go back in 3 weeks for a check up and doppler check and I plan to beg for an u/s.

Anyway both babies are doing great and measuring right on target with HR's in the 150's. They were moving like crazy and even sucking their thumbs. I actually had an external u/s instead of an internal which made getting Baby B to pose for a picture much easier.

Here is the only good shot we got of A, it was moving so much we couldn't get a good one.
B was much more cooperative and gave us a beautiful side profile.

On another note and I hope I didn't jinx myself, we bought some baby furniture. Since we spend an insane amount of money to get these babies we turned to craigslist to try to find some gentle used furniture. We found a beautiful set super close to our house and it turns out it was the brother of one of my favorite blogger friends The Brower Bunch.
We were so happy to know our babies will use furniture from such a nice family. I'll post picture at a later date when we get it all set up.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Belly shot...

Here is the officially 12 week belly shot, well actually I was 12w1d when I took it but I seriously felt like I grew over night that night! I'm trying to decide if there has been a difference in the last 2 weeks, you guys will have to let me know. The bottom pic is from 10 weeks and the top is 12 weeks. It seems like most of my nausea has disappeared it only happens once in a while now. Of course that freaks me out like something is wrong and now I have to wait till Friday instead of Wednesday to find out. I hate being stuck in this period when you feel nothing, if i could feel them moving all the time that would make me feel so much better. The bellaband has become my friend, I'm still to small for maternity but to fat for my regular pants. Its so nice not to have to button my pants and the band holds it all together. I still haven't gained any weight, i hope that's OK? That's on my list of questions to ask my new Dr on Friday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We graduated...

Today was a bittersweet day. Everything went well at the appt and we were officially released from Dr Fiedler's and we are onto a normal person OB. That appt is next Friday and I so hope I get an ultrasound. Oh and only 9 more days of PIO shots. I feel like my Dr has made me do them longer than any other Dr but I know he has a good reason for it. My poor sore butt will be so happy!
Baby A, the is a face forward view and he was rubbing his eyes during the u/s. We think he looks like skeletor! A measured 12w, HR of 157
Baby B all smooshed because he big bro/sis is hogging all the space. My sister quoted it good. "Baby A has a nice big bedroom and poor Baby B is living in the closet!" B measured perfectly now at 11w5d with a HR of 162