Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Year Ago...

I put on my lucky socks from in hopes they would help my two snowbabies to implant!

2 perfect embryos thawed out, we had just lost our 1st baby 3 months before this, we prayed for 1 miracle...

and were blessed with 2!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Please excuse that crazy lady in the backround of the clue who that is!!!

The closest I could get to Colin laughing, everytime the camera comes out he stops giggling! He is more interested in the shiney camera!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

4 Months...

Holy Cow they are 4 months old already, that's 1/3 of a year, almost 1/2 a year!!! Time seriously flys by!
He looks like such a big boy, where did my little preemie go...she still looks tiny to me!
Chubby but tiny!

24 3/4"(47%)
Colin otherwise known these days as Monkey, Buddy Boozer or just Buddy Boo
He is learning more and more everyday. He is our laid back easy going guy, very rarely cries and always greets us with a smile. He has found his hands big time and they are ALWAYS in his mouth. He smiles and giggles all the time. This boy always has a story to tell and most times he tells it at the top of his lungs! He is drooling like crazy right now, we must go through 10 bibs a day with him. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and he has what we call the Colin stare, see above in the 4 month pic! He is a total mommas boy and I love it, he follows me with his eyes everywhere, if daddy tries to feed him and he hears me talking he can barely eat. I'm so in love with this little man, my heart is bursting with love as i write this!

This is what happens when i say smile Colin(see below for Lauren's reaction)

Lauren otherwise known these days as PumpkinHead and BG's. She is about 3-4weeks behind her brother in her skills but she eventually gets them! She has found her hands finally and is pretty good at holding toys and trying to lick them! Her hands are always in her mouth as well, instead of sucking like Colin she is more of a licker, think ice cream cone(shes strange). She is our "high needs" baby. She wants what she wants when she wants it, I've heard its a girl thing! She is a smiley little girl, she found her voice and coos all the time and has just started giggling.
She is the most beautiful little girl I've ever met! She is certainly a Daddy's girl and she holds a special piece of Daddy's heart. My heart bursts with love for her as well, even if it took us 2.5hrs to put her to bed tonight!!!! I blame lack of nap today and vaccines yesterday!

Just munching on my ball!

This is what happen when I told Lauren to smile!

Just to prove she can do it!
These 2 our the biggest blessings we've ever been given. I thank god everyday for bringing them into out lives. Its the hardest job i've ever had but the good sure outweighs the bad. We so look foward to what month 4 has in store for us!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Call me crazy...

but I'm bored, these 2 little stinkers are taking an awesome nap today and all my laundry is done and i'm lonely without them...

Ahh spoke to soon I hear some stirring...gotta run!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter...

We started the day off early going over to Grandma's so I could help watch Harlow while Grandma made us a delicious lunch. Their Easter baskets had books, an outfit and of course candy for mom and dad!

Colin with his 1st Easter basket
Lauren's 1st Easter basket!

Cousin Harlow!

2 Cousins hanging out, who happened to have the same exact shirt on(wasn't planned)

Is is bad to love the "outtake" photos, Harlow is pissed and Lauren has no neck and is blinking with a huge drool stain. I have no clue whats up with my kids, these are drool stains that happened through a bib!

Colin is just more than thrilled to be beside 2 girls!

Our 3 little bunny's
Next we headed off to Grammy's for Easter dinner, and I totally forgot to get pictures with their Easter baskets here, they got some bibs, booties, toys and candy for Mommy and Daddy!
Grammy and Aunt Mere

Happy Easter!