Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer so far...

We took our 1st trip of many to Hershey Park

Their very 1st ride the ever rode on, I love how he put his arm around her for comfort!
Lauren wasn't to sure but very quickly got the hang of it and they only screamed when we had to remove them from the rides.

MaaMoo(Grandma) and Colin riding the train.

Taken on the walk out of the park.

We played in the sprinkler and we've been swimming a lot.

A great $1 yardsale toy and Snax the fat cat.

A $4 yardsale find, he loves it!

We checked out Indian Echo Caverns and saw some bunnies.

Playing with Harlow on the playground

Colin and Harlow

I just liked this actions shot, Harlow is trying to hug Colin and Lauren is crying because Harlow just attacked her with a hug.

After a very fun 4th but apparently very tiring party Colin wanted to go nite nite on the patio

And Lauren going nite nite on the lawn chair.