Friday, March 18, 2011


Love this smile!
  • We don't have official stats until 4/8 but according to our bathroom scale he is about 23lbs.
  • Started walking at 14months and has daily bruises to prove it.
  • He says Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye, Shoes, Socks, Moose, Button, Banana and Me
  • He is obsessed with buttons, on your shirt or on your belly.
  • Can point to his nose, ears, tongue and belly.
  • He loves trucks and trains and say choo choo when he hears the train coming.
  • They both understand so much, its amazing we can tell them to do something and they understand what we are saying!
  • According to the scale weighs about 19lbs
  • She has been walking since 11months so not to many bruises for her, shes a pro!
  • She says Mama, Dada, Hi, shoes, banana(her favorite food)
  • Points out her belly, ears, nose, mouth, toes.
  • She always has an object she carries around, not the same thing she just always like to have some sort of toy in her hands.
  • They both are off bottles now, i think it was harder for Mommy to get rid of them then it was for them.
  • They sleep from 6:30pm till 6-6:30am, I'm thinking we are close to dropping the morning nap, there seems to be more of a fight to take naps lately

He insisted i put the bow in his hair, future blackmail!!

Love these curls!