Sunday, August 29, 2010

Worst Mom ever...

I gave my kid a black eye...
We were taking a walk and I wasn't paying attention to the uneven sidewalk and Lauren was sucking on the side bar of the stroller so as I hit the uneven part it threw them forward and Lauren's eye hit the cup holder part I think, I feel terrible, she on the other hand doesn't seem to mind!
And yes I also let them watch TV, this is Colin watching his favorite, Yo Gabba Gabba! He has a love affair with DJ Lance!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8 months old...

Colin aka "Booders"
  • You weigh 18lbs9oz(we were at the Dr's with colds that's how I know)
  • Your wearing size 3 diapers and anywhere from 9-12months clothes
  • You love to bang things together to make a noise and you love to give us "5"
  • Your not crawling yet but you do the butt scoot to get to a toy you want(really gross when you do this and I haven't realized you have pooped yet)
  • You love love love your baths and act like a mad man in it creating your own whirlpool
  • You have loved every single food we have given you except applesauce it makes you gag, you bang your hand on your highchair so we know you want more
  • Your starting to pick up your puffs and try to get them in your mouth.
  • You are already picking on your sister and it makes her so sad that you touch her. I can hear it already "mom he's touching me"
  • We are so in for it when your actually crawling

Lauren aka "Baby Girl"
  • You weigh 16lbs 130z.
  • You are wearing anywhere from 6-9months clothes except your pants your chubby little belly is more comfortable in a 12month.
  • Your really into your jumper this month, your jumping just like Colin did about 2 months ago it just took you longer to realize how fun it is.
  • Your not crawling yet and really haven't shown any interested in moving, your content to just sit and play.
  • You love most of your food but you are probably just a little more picky then your brother, applesauce makes you gag as well??
  • You are much more clingy and prefer to be held at all times and throw quite a fit when you don't get your way
  • You think your absolutely hysterical and are constantly laughing at yourself, sometime we can't even figure out whats so funny.
  • Your feelings are easily hurt when your brother picks on you
  • Your in absolute love with Snax that cat and she actually tolerates you.

I can't believe how much your have grown in what seems like such a short time, its sometimes hard to remember what your were like in your 1st few months of life, thank god i have this blog to look back. Your two are an absolute joy and every challenge you throw at us is worth it to have you in our lives!

Friday, August 6, 2010

The happenings...

or lack of happenings, nothing to exciting going on in our world right now. Just typical summer stuff, swimming, playing, picnics, taking walks when its not 800 degrees out. Well i actually made it out to happy hour 2 weeks ago so that's like a HUGE happening for me!!! We had a yard sale last weekend and made $173.50, all the earning are going towards the purchase of new car seats, we are rapidly outgrowing these infant seats. Especially Colin, his feet are hitting the back of the seat already. Both babies and me are sick right now with colds, Luke is the only one holding strong. It breaks my heart to hear the snoring at night through their stuffed up noses. Anyway here are some pictures from last week!

Didn't want to leave this beauty out, she has starting laying beside Lauren and Colin while they play on the floor, i think she thinks she is guarding them!

This is Colin and Lauren with Chase and Ella, me and their mom were on hospital bed rest together and have become great friends.

Here we all are at a 1 and under twin play date, notice how pleased my two are to be there!
Stayed tuned for our 8 month update coming in 11 days!