Sunday, May 16, 2010

5 months...

My baybeez are 5 months old already!

Seriously where does the time go, its incredible how you think you love them only to realize you love them even more the next day!

Some things I want to remember about you right now
  • Your wearing depending on the brand size 3-6 or 6-9 and you have actually worn some 12months shirts
  • Your wearing size 2 diapers
  • You can roll from tummy to back but we have yet to see you roll back to belly
  • You love to eat and generally eat anywhere from 30-34oz a day and are loving your solid food(another post to come on that)
  • You are so curious about everything, anybody new that walks into the room gets a gaping mouth stare
  • You babble nonstop, you always have a story to tell and lately your babbling should be called shrieking
    You are always sucking you index finger and when you get hungry one finger turns into 4 fingers and inevitable you end up gagging yourself
  • You have found your feet and that really helps out at diaper changes, however you also have crazy legs that kick nonstop and I'm working on getting it on video
  • I stepped on the scale today with you and it said you weighed 16lbs!!!!
  • You love it when we tickle your belly and talk in a Donald duck voice, your laugh its so amazing it sometimes brings me to tears that your mine!!!


Somethings about you to remember right now

  • Your wearing 3-6months clothing
  • You are also wearing size 2 diapers although I'm sure you could still fit into 1-2 but its easier for both to wear the same
  • You also can roll belly to back and are so close to rolling from back to belly.
  • You eat right around 30oz a day and you still make that cute lip smacking noise while you eat that you have since you were born
  • You are incredibly smiley and anybody that walks into a room gets a big smile!
  • Your really starting to talk alot just like your brother, today you talked nonstop even while you ate.
  • Your tiny little tongue is always slightly poking out of your mouth and you love when we pretend to grab it
  • You like to lick you fist like an ice cream cone and suck on your forearm(yes we know shes strange)
  • Your starting to notice you feet but you are far more interested in the colors and patterns on your bibs and outfits!
  • Today the scale said you weighed 14lbs
  • I can't believe your mine!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a few pics...

to hold you over until next weeks 5 month old pics(eeeek!!) and our first taste of sweet potatoes!

Mommy and her babies are Mothers Day! Here is a prime example of "The Colin Stare"
In love with Lauren's double chin, this girl refuses to show her neck!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010