Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So far so good. Today's ultrasound showed 2 flickering heartbeats, what a relief! I'm going to keep this short since I'm tired and hungry.

Here is the close-up of Baby A, it measured perfectly at 6w5d and had a heart rate of 132bmp

Baby B measured 3 days behind at 6w2d and had a heart rate of 103bpm
There isn't to much concern about B yet but they made us aware of the possibility of losing the baby, they never want to get your hopes up but the PA there said things look good and not to worry its still early! We have a fingers crossed that our little peanut will make it. Next appointment is on 6/3 so keep our babies in your prayers!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Well I'm still waiting for these awful pregnancy symptoms to kick in. I have no clue whats taking so long. Heather assures me hers didn't' start till 8 weeks. Now I hate the idea of being nauseous all day or having crazy sore boobs but at least if i did i would feel comfortable knowing my babies were alive. These are the only symptoms I've had so boobs are sore only if i really poke at them so technically they are probably sore from me poking them 50 times a day. During the work week there were a few times I felt nauseous out of now where and gagged a few times and it was over in like 5mins. I suppose if I don't eat on a regular basis i feel a little sick, but if I do eat i feel a little sick. The biggest problem i have so far is bloating. After I eat I feel so bloated and uncomfortable it feels like if i could fart for an hour straight I would feel so much better. So i go to bed feeling so bloated and i wake up farting my brains out(sorry tmi). Is this a symptom can anyone tell me? Is it ok not to feel all the other symptoms yet, I'm freaking out till Wednesday!

Here is my pretty little baby, i just wanna kiss her face!

Monday, May 18, 2009

5weeks3day and an ultrasound...

For the past week I have been panicking that something would be wrong. Like my lack of symptoms = the baby is dying or that leg cramp I got Thursday night meant my blood was clotting and killing the baby even though all my clotting tests came back normal. The nurse this morning even waited taking my blood pressure till after my u/s because I was so nervous. Well all that flew out the window when the u/s tech said everything looks perfect. My last pregnancy the tech had to go out and get the Dr because she couldn't find the yolk sac, looking back I'm sure that was a sign the pregnancy was doomed. Still a week to soon to see a heartbeat but at least things are developing correctly so here is my baby, that big black circle. Unfortunately my scanner wasn't working so I had to take a picture of a picture so its to fuzzy for you guys to see the yolk sac within, but its there!

Now wait a second what's that little small dot below my baby
could it be a 2nd baby?
Surprise...looks like we're having twins!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Have I kept you in suspense long enough...

WE"RE PREGNANT AGAIN!! Of course I'm scared to death something is going to happen again. Beta level at 13dpo was 118 and today at 17dpo was 614. I had hoped for a high number but my Dr reassured me that these numbers were fine and in fact consider higher then normal. So of course I had to look all this information up and I found that average Beta levels at 13dpo is 63 and at 17dpo is 291. So I'm trying to relax about this but its so so hard too. I'm scared to death of being the person that can easily(haha) get pregnant from IVF/FET procedures but then end up miscarrying. Once again I'm reassured that every genetic testing we have done has come back normal. Estimated due date is 1/15/10, if there is two we are talking a Xmas baby! Today I am 4weeks3days, I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Monday, I'll be 5w3d so we won't see a heartbeat but we will find out how many are in there! And because I obsess here is a beta hcg chart and both my numbers are consider high! Please keep sending prayers our way for sticky baby/ies!!!