Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 Months...

Time is flying by faster and faster each month. We are loving how their little personalities are starting to shine through now. Nothing to new is going on since last month with them. We have started to introduce them to small bites of food, after my friend(Heather) assured me I would not kill my kids with puffs, we have also tried small pieces of banana and so far no need to use the Heimlich!

They are doing a great job of sitting all by themselves and spend a lot of time on the floor playing together and stealing each others toys. They absolutely love to go swimming, Lauren just chills out and Colin's little feet kick the entire time he is in the water, he definitely takes after his mama with his love to swim!
Trouble is his middle name, holy crap we are in for it when he starts moving.

Lauren's hair is really starting to grow, i tried to get a picture of her spikes!

This by far the hardest job Luke and I have ever had but the good sure outweighs the bad!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mmm Watermelon...

We tried watermelon in our mesh feeders this weekend and it was a HUGE hit! I've been trying to upload a video but blogger won't let me for some reason. Those of you who are my facebook friends check it out there!
Notice the juice running down his belly
mmmm so yummy
A much needed dip in the pool to remove the sticky

Holy crap we are 7 months this coming weekend, stay tuned for that post

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beach trip...

We survived our 1st vacation with the twins and it was much easier then I expected. They had a great time and we had NO meltdowns. We spent 1 day on the beach, another day on the boardwalk and shopping, 1 day just hanging at the house in the pool and another day visiting our friend John and riding jet skis while the babies napped(this was the most fun!)

Both babies enjoyed the sand and the water, Colin had a great time jumping waves with Daddy while Mommy watched scared to death he would accidentally fall out of Luke's hands!

Lounging on the blanket attempting to take a nap...didn't happen!

All 4 kiddos enjoying some downtime, they all played great together and Jackie helped out so much by entertaining them!

Abby is 1 yr older then the twins, its hard to believe next summer they will be this big!


We made dinner every night instead of going out, it was so nice to relax with friends!

Lauren found a great buddy in Mike, she just wouldn't take her eyes off him

In other news on July 1st our good friends Lonny, Andrea and big sister Paige welcome baby Wyatt Everett into the world.

Lauren apparently was not happy to meet him!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Here are some pictures of the 3 cousins hanging out, they are finally getting to an age where they can sort of play together, well maybe just steal toys from each other!

Colin and Harlow
Grandma with her 3 grandchildren

Its impossible to get them all 3 to look!
Updated on Colin and Laurens 6 month stats...
Colin 17lbs4oz(44%) 26.5" (41%)
Lauren 15lbs7oz(35%) 24.5" (10%) Yay she made the growth chart for length finally!!