Saturday, June 18, 2011

18 Months

I can't believe I almost have 2, 2yr olds. Some days seem very long but the weeks/months are flying by! are turning into such a little boy, I'm not sure where or when I somehow lost my baby boy, well you'll always be my baby boy but its getting harder and harder to find any "baby" qualities about you. You love cars, trucks, trains, anything with wheels and you always have dirty hands because you must touch the wheels of any vehicle we are near. You love to tell me when you hear the birdies singing but you call them bee's not to be confused with and actual bee that sounds more like beezzz, Mommy can tell the difference. You love puppies and can hear a puppy barking before Mommy even notices it, you love Ford our neighbors dog but your true puppy love is Melvin, Aunt Cassie's dog. You love our titty(kitty) a little to much sometimes and often have the bites to prove it. You love blueberries, pasta and ketchup(not all mixed together although I'm sure you'd eat it) You test your boundaries daily or actually by the minute and you know your doing wrong because you shout "no no" while your doing it. I love your laugh, your smile, your beautiful face, i love the way you come running to me and jump into my arms, i love more than anything in this are my world! sweet beautiful Lauren, I somewhere started to lose my baby girl along the way as you are growing into such a smart, beautiful big girl. You are such a silly girl and love to make us laugh. Your funny faces, you know the one where you push your bottom lip out and then lean your head against your shoulder(our secret just between you and me silly face) I never want to forget that! You smell Daddy's, Mommy's and Colin's feet because you think its funny and then pinch your nose and say pewww! You have surpassed your brother with talking, you have a so many words now, i lost track and you pretty much repeat anything we tell you to. Your love blueberries and strawberries but call them both blues, meatballs and carrots rank up there as well. You share a love of puppies just like your brother only once in the presence of a dog your a lot more shy about petting it. Your our child that eats anything you pick up, rocks, cat food, mulch, dirt, sand and the worst so far a clump of hair from the barber shop dustpan! I love you more than anything in this world Lauren, I love you to the moon and back and back again!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun in the sun...

Warning...mainly a picture post to tired to do much else!

Playing in our neighborhood playground!

3 toddlers plus 2 adults at the playground = hard to keep up!

Colin has a sharing problem, we are working on that but are seeing no progress:-) Poor Harlow!

Yes Daddy has a Xmas bow in her hair!

We headed off to Lake Tobias on Memorial day, they kids has fun but man was it hot out!

I think everyone thought they were triplets!

Lauren checking out the deer on the safari ride!

Grammy and a very sweaty Lauren.

Colin and Harlow feeding the little goats.

Harlow is such an animal lover, she was in heaven

My little safari boy!

Another failed attempt of a Mommy and babies picture...someday??

Both kids are sick this week, Lauren has a sinus infection and Colin has hand,foot, mouth disease and I'm pretty sure Lauren has now also acquired it. What a terrible virus, their mouths are so sore! Mommy is tired but today they are showing signs of improvement!