Friday, January 20, 2012

Finally finishing out December...

I'm finally getting around to posting Christmas and Birthday pictures, I'm terrible at blogging but 2 toddlers really wear me out! I don't have many Birthday pictures(never put your husband in charge of pictures mine happened to suck at the job).

They had a pool party since they love swimming and they were very happy that all their friends came to celebrate with them.

Excited to blow out the candles and eat their Elmo cake!

Grandma, Aunt Katie and the cousins!

Maura(sorry if I'm wrong Heather but I"m guessing this is Maura) showing us her balloon collections!

Moving on the Xmas!

Christmas Eve at Mimi and PopPop's! Do you think there are enough presents back there??

Pillow Pets with blankets!

Daddy and Lauren amongst all the presents!

Xmas Day at our house.

We take it easy on the presents, they get enough between both grandparents!

Later that day at Grandma's house!

Grandma's traditional Xmas pictures! Sorry Mom this was the best one out of all of them!

Just some random pics.

They don't really use their new beanbags as a sitting device, they use them as a cushions to land on after jumping off the couch or in this case a cushion to land on after Daddy throws them.

Loving on her kitty Snackers!

Well that's all I got in me tonight, major lack of sleep at this house. The last 3 weeks have been fun filled with snot, horrible coughing and ear infections. Yay for Winter!!!


Ashley said...

Looks like fun!! We have been sick FUN!!

Teach Me. Lead Me. Inspire Me. said...

I had to check in on some of my favorite little people and their parents. Seriously, it was just yesterday that we had them laying next to eachother for pictures. Where oh where did the time go? They are SO adorable!