Sunday, June 24, 2012


So I'm about a week late with this but lets face it I suck at blogging.  We are somehow now closer to 3 then we are 2 years old.

 Lauren you are our silly girl, you love to make us laugh with silly words and silly dances!  You love to dance and play your guitar! You like to pretend you are a kitty or a doggy and have us feed you treats.  You love dresses and jewelry, note the above picture, you are always accessorizing!  In the last 3 weeks you have learned to pee on the potty and are wearing big girl undies all day and pull ups at night.  The pooping on the potty has been an issue with you up until yesterday, you finally mastered it!  You are incredible smart and wise beyond your years, we love you more then you love Popsicles!

Colin you are such a boy!!  You have so much enthusiasm for everything you do.  You love bulldozer, trucks and motorcycles.  You know all the proper names of the trucks and you let us know if we called something a bulldozer when its technically is a excavator!  You have a love/hate relationship with bugs, your obsessed with finding them but terrified to have one touch you.  I often find you outside smashing bugs with you bare hands.  You love climbing anything and everything and I find you jumping off of everything you can!  We still aren't potty trained with you yet, but you are trying and get so excited when you get little drop out!  You are my challenging child as everything out of your mouth is a whine(gosh I hope that ends soon).  I wish everyone could have a little bit of your joy out of life, we love you more then you love pancakes and sausage!


PJ said...

Gah, how is it possible they are that old!!!

LOVE the accessorizing! I need to make some sort of dress up area for my kids...

At first I thought maybe you were pregnant again, with the 2.5... hehe! :)

Marie said...

Does it really matter how often you blog? It's great stuff and you and the kids will love to look back on it one day!

Wonderful pictures!